Portable Storage

Portable Storage

If your your basement needs renovating or you require storage to stage a home, it might be time to consider the portable storage option. Maybe your job site has nowhere to keep excess inventory and tools. Perhaps you need somewhere to keep your belongings just for a short time. Whatever your reason for needing additional storage, we strive to make it easy.

There are many reasons customers prefer the ease of portable storage. From homeowners and renters to business owners and retailers, portable storage offers many advantages and is extremely convenient:

  • We deliver a portable moving and storage container to your home, work site or office.

  • You pack the container at your convenience and lock it up.

  • When you are ready - we deliver to the new destination.

  • You can keep it at your site or at one of our secure storage facilites.

  • Time saving.  You’ll save time unloading and loading. Each option is designed to require only a minimal time investment if you just need to add another box to your storage, or pick something up from inside.

At the Real Storage Group, we pride ourselves in providing portable storage. If you’re not sure what type of portable storage you may need, The Real Storage Group has knowledgeable storage professionals that can assist you with your choices by answering any questions, including questions about packing and storing specific items. We can provide you with a quote on unit sizes.


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