Boat Storage

boat storage

When you aren’t cruising the open waters, you’ll need somewhere to keep your boat or personal watercraft. The Real
Storage Group offers watercraft storage solutions that will give you the perfect place to keep your boat or sea doo. Not
only can we provide you with a clean and secure facility to keep your boat, we also provide basic
tips to make sure you are properly storing your boat.

Winter Boat Storage

Before storing your boat for the winter, you’ll need to prepare it. Follow these suggestions to get
your boat ready for winter (also check out our tips on how to dewinterize a boat).

  • Drain the engine oil and refill with new oil. Change the oil filter as well. Make sure to run the
    engine to circulate the new oil throughout the system.
  • Protect the engine with antifreeze. Drain as much water as possible from the inboard cooling
    systems and fill with marine engine grade antifreeze. You should also purchase an outboard
    winterizing kit from your local marine store to suck antifreeze into the engine.
  • Treat your fuel system. There are several methods used by boaters, but the most common
    involves draining the fuel as much as possible and refilling with fresh gas and adding a fuel
    stabilizer. Run the engine for ten minutes to circulate the stabilizer.
  • Clean your boat. Before putting your boat into storage, give it a good overall cleaning. Wipe
    down the interior and power wash the exterior. Remove any safety equipment you don’t want to
    leave on the boat such as first aid kits or life jackets.

Outdoor Boat Storage

Real Storage has several convenient locations that offer outdoor boat storage. Since your boat
will be exposed to the elements, you’ll want to invest in a boat cover. A cover with proper
airflow is a good way to protect against mildew and other potential problems. Look for a cover
that is strong, water-resistant and made of a breathable material. Boat covers are also a great
option to use during boating season because it’s easy to remove anytime you want to take your
boat out.

During the winter, you may want to consider having your boat shrink wrapped. Similar to boat
covers, you want to ensure that your shrink-wrap allows for ventilation while protecting your
boat from snow and rain. You can purchase a do-it-yourself kit or pay for professional shrink-

Boat Storage Locations

Real Storage has several locations that offer boat storage solutions. We recommend contacting
the location to check on availability and then bringing your boat to the facility to ensure that our
spaces can accommodate your boat size before signing a rental agreement. Most boats, and personal watercraft are able to fit into our boat storage spaces.

Visit one of our boat storage locations: