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The newest addition to our Windsor self storage arsenal provides a variety of storage solutions, ideal for keeping your belongings safe. Located on Tecumseh Road East, our facility is easily accessible to the entire community. Formerly Prime Storage Inc., we offer a wide range of unit sizes and other storage solutions for your convenience. With years of experience in the storage industry and locations all across Canada, we’re the top choice when it comes to self storage solutions in Ontario.

Windsor is brimming with picturesque nature scenes from the trails along Little River, community parks, and the vast Detroit River. Our Tecumseth location is conveniently located among a number of these attractions, making it easy for residents to store their summer equipment. From bikes to boats, we have climate-controlled storage units that are ideal for any nature lover’s equipment.

Our fourth Windsor location will support the existing Windsor facilities located at Devonshire Mall, LaSalle, and in picturesque Walkerville.

Whether you’re looking to store seasonal items that you just don't have room for in your home, some family mementos that you want to keep safe, or your summer car during the cold winter months, we have the right storage unit for you. With sizes ranging from 5’ x 5’ to those big enough to store vehicles, you’ll be able to store almost anything without a problem.

When you choose to store your items at Real Storage Windsor Tecumseh, you will have peace of mind that you have chosen the safest and most reliable option available. Benefits of choosing us to keep your belongings include:

  • Drive up access
  • Keypad protected access
  • Ground level units
  • Easily operated roll-up 8’ doors
  • Tenant protection packages

We know that your belongings are important to you, which is why we make security a priority. Whether you’re storing keepsakes or your antique car, you want to make sure that you choose the most secure facility possible. Our Store N Save Windsor Tecumseh location boasts security features including a computerized gate system, content protection options and brightly lit grounds. With 24/7 access, you can rest assured that your belongings are kept safe and secure.

With friendly customer service, online payment, reservation, packing supply and rental solutions combined with an easily accessible central location, we are dedicated to providing convenient service and storage solutions for all Windsor residents. For more information about our Windsor Tecumseh location, check us out online or contact us at 1-877-215-7325 today!


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Windsor - Tecumseh Road Reviews

“I have put up with this storage unit problems and errors for years, later to experience more problems from new ownership as well. I am going to break it down on the troubles and obstacles that I have encountered below - GARBAGE: There are no garbage cans or bins onsite. Which I think is not fair, because I heard ‘Store-N-Save’ were quick to judge paying customers for leaving garbage behind..Meanwhile they do not supply any disposable bins - CUSTOMER SERVICE: When I do get a hold of a representative they are usually very polite and professional. However….. That’s when you do get a hold of one!!! I feel like it is an inconvenience out of your own schedule when trying to attempt ‘that site’s’ Customer service turnaround/response time. You have to leave a voice message to get a response hours later. - LIGHTING: When I addressed the poor lighting I did receive feedback a few days later stating that they were working on it, THAT WAS OVER 3 Months Ago… There is still poor lighting at that facility at night - LACK OF STAFF: There is no one onsite to assist. There are situations when no one is onsite to help and you are ‘SOL’. Also there is no one to take care of the facility and no one to clean. If they claim they have a cleaning staff, is it once a week? That same mess and debris will still be at the same place the next reoccurring day (I experienced it) - BUMP AT ENTRANCE: (Dip between the road and entrance) When entering that facility that entrance adds more wear and tear on your vehicle, let alone moves everything in the back of your moving truck. You have to come down to a complete stop in the middle of (busy) Tecumseh Road in order to pull in and out from that parking lot. - RODENTS – There were months during the winter, the rodent issue was very extreme. I had to go out of my way to clean and sanitize the rodent feces from my storage unit and my belongings. No help or compensation from the company what so ever!! Just a replied email, stating thy might have fixed the rodent problem… - EMERGENCIES: There is NO SUPPORT. There is an option to get redirected to emergency contact support which is just a switchboard of representatives that can’t help you. The people that take your call can’t help. They essentially say “we’ll leave a voice message for the person that supposed to help you”. That does NOTHING… That is something that I could have done, but now you have an extra middle person that takes longer to relay that message to who you are trying to contact - DEFECTIVE DEVICES: I was not able to enter the facilities due to the front gate being broken. The turnaround time for someone to help me was hours later impacting my schedule and planning for that day - INCONVENIENCE: I have had multiple inconveniences with this establishment. One of my experiences was regarding my cancellation. I was told to go to their main office, which is located close to downtown, I live near the East End close to my storage unit. I had to go out of my way, when arriving to their Head Office I could not get in because their buzzer did not work. I called that office and no one picked up. I had to back up (on Walker Road) and find parking somewhere else and wait outside for someone to arrive or leave to actually get access to their Head Office. When I confronted the staff regarding not answering their phone I was responded to “we were busy..” This type of service is unacceptable So, essentially I was paying money not to be able to access my own personal possessions, experience more headaches and stress, lose more money in the process (renting vehicles again and taking time off work to work around that company’s strict business hours) In the end I sacrificed my garage, because I feel I was WASTING my money at ‘STORE-N-SAVE’ Don’t pay for this storage unit at this location, spend the extra few dollars to go somewhere else to actually get the services that you will be paying for. Or if you do go here, I hope you have better experience than I did..”
“Horrible. Must go to Walker Rd every month to pay, sometimes no one is there and made trip for nothing. Not accommodating to those who have disabilities. ”
Monique Claire