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Our Windsor-LaSalle storage unit property is conveniently located just 15 kilometres south of Windsor, in the northwest quadrant of Essex County. The town of LaSalle is small, but close to many major transportation corridors. Our facility is easy to spot, sitting on Highway 18. We are pleased to offer LaSalle and surrounding area residents over 390 self storage units, as well as excellent security and many storage options.

Along with Windsor, LaSalle is the oldest settlement area in Southwestern Ontario. It’s also the oldest European settlement west of Quebec. It’s a small town, but home to the annual Strawberry Festival, and the LaSalle Craft Beer Festival, which both draw in many visitors from Windsor and the surrounding areas. LaSalle’s bicycle trail is growing, providing a link between the town and Windsor’s Riverfront trail.

Nearby Windsor is a busy hub of international commerce, and tourism. The township of Windsor is the southernmost township in Canada, sitting on the shores of the Detroit River with many Windsor and Detroit residents commuting back and forth between the two cities. Windsor’s economy is bolstered by a thriving automotive manufacturing automotive industry.

Windsor is also a vibrant city with many tourist attractions, such as Caesars Windsor, one of the largest casinos in Canada, the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, the Art Gallery of Windsor, Ojibway Park, and Adventure Bay Water Park. LaSalle’s proximity to Windsor, and our highway location, makes our LaSalle storage units easy to access for residents across the Windsor township.

Our LaSalle storage unit property offers a wide range of storage units to fit your needs. From our smallest unit (5x5, $79/month), to our largest (10x25, $264/month), we can provide storage units for everything from personal items and documents to large items such as furniture.

Our storage units are kept protected with the following security features:

  • 24-hour security
  • Video monitoring
  • Secure keypad access
  • Content protection.

These security features are designed to keep your valuable possessions, and yourself, safe and protected. Our LaSalle storage unit property also offers many features to increase your convenience and ease, including:

  • Packing supplies
  • FedEx Shipping centre
  • Mailboxes.

Finally, at our LaSalle location we want to be able to keep your stored items in as good condition as they were in when you stored them with us. Certain items need extra care to avoid damage, such as the following personal items:

  • Antiques
  • Furniture
  • Collectibles/memorabilia
  • Documents and books
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Electronics and appliances.

These kind of items can be damaged by exposure to extreme heat or cold, as well as dampness. Windsor’s southern location and proximity to water means that it has an especially humid climate, especially during the summer. Windsor has also been described as the “smog capital of Canada” due to its high air pollution from nearby coal-burning power plants in the U.S. We offer climate-controlled storage units in our LaSalle location to keep your items safe from damaging environmental factors, such as dampness and humidity, and air pollution.

We are pleased to serve the residents of LaSalle, Windsor, and beyond, with cheap, flexible storage unit options.


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