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Just 10 minutes north of the ETR 407, on Brock road, our Uxbridge storage location offers plentiful and affordable storage options. Uxbridge is a busy township in south-central Ontario, including Uxbridge itself, but also other small towns such as Coppins Corners, Zephyr, Goodwood, and Leaskdale, among others. Uxbridge is a mostly suburban community with many of its residents commuting around the York/Durham area and beyond.

Uxbridge earned the title of “Trail Capital” of Canada in 2009. There are over 220 kilometres of managed trails throughout Uxbridge on over 8,000 acres of protected greenspace. These trails include the Trans Canada Trail, and the Oak Ridges Trail. Within Uxbridge, there are highly varied types of landscapes to be found, such as historic villages, meadows, ponds, rivers, and wetlands. All this beautiful green space makes the township of Uxbridge a great place for those who love the outdoors, and those who love outdoors activities.

Outdoor activities are often seasonal, and if you’re looking for a convenient and cheap storage unit in Uxbridge, look no further than our Uxbridge self storage units. We offer a wide range of storage unit options, serving the entire Uxbridge Township.

Our Uxbridge self storage units come in three different sizes:

  • Small: $115 - $125/month
  • Medium: From $177 - $242/month
  • Large: From $249.50 - $332/month.

Cost of storage units is dependant on size (they range from 5x10 to 10x30), and whether or not your storage unit is heated. Whatever your storage needs, we have enough of a range of size and climate control options to serve you.

Our Uxbridge storage unit location offers many features for added security and ease! Keep personal items, such as furniture, textiles, documents, electronics, and appliances in great condition with climate-controlled storage. The extreme heat, cold, and dampness of Canada’s seasons can damage sensitive or delicate objects. Our Uxbridge storage units are available with climate control to protect your valuable possessions. For personal storage, we have interior storage units available as well.

For the adventurers, we also offer boat and RV parking storage at our Uxbridge location. In fact, our facilities are designed to accommodate almost any vehicle with wide entry and aisles, for added ease in loading and unloading.

Whatever items you choose to store with us, whether vehicles, personal, sporting equipment or supplies, or anything else, you can rest assured that your content will be protected. Our security features include 24-hour camera security, video monitoring, and secure keypad access.

Even if you just need to store items for a short time, during a move for instance, if you use our Uxbridge storage units you’ll not be contracted for a certain time period. We offer flexible storage options, to fit your specific storage needs.

The Township of Uxbridge definitely gets hit with Canadian winter, so you’ll appreciate that we offer drive-up storage, which also makes unloading and loading easy! Drive up storage is available for all of our units, as is heated drive up storage.

We are pleased to be serving the Township of Uxbridge with flexible and cheap storage unit options.


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“Many years of using this facility - everything worked very well. No problems at all! I’d have no difficulty using it again should I have the need!”
Chris Stone
DSRT Newmarket
Robert McCallum
Michael Bice
Jim Calvert
Sarah Ruttenberg