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When our clients in Chatham-Kent imagine unprecedented storage solutions and state-of-the-art storage facilities, the first name that comes to mind should be Real Storage. Self storage units are widely used throughout Canada and North America by people looking to store everything from seasonal items and clothing, to old furniture, to summer cars and vehicles, to inventory and supplies for their small business. The ways in which a self storage unit can be used are virtually endless.

We are pleased to offer our Canada-wide storage solutions to the residents of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, one of Ontario’s most beautiful, and most historic cities, which is renowned throughout North America for being an important final destination on the Underground Railway as well as the staging ground for the Abolitionist Harper’s Ferry raid during the lead up to the American Civil War. Chatham is a diverse community, with diverse residents and a unique commercial makeup of agricultural, industrial, automotive, energy and government. A community this multifaceted requires a storage company to match.

When Chatham-Kent residents store their belongings with Real Storage they are getting a self storage company that will take the utmost care of their personal property and will spare no expense making sure it is safe and secure at all times. We aim to provide our customers with both security and convenience, offering benefits and services that include:

  • Camera And Video Surveillance – state-of-the-art technology
  • Pin Access Coded Gates – come and go as you need
  • Flexible Contracts – for short- or long-term storage
  • Upgrade Or Downsize – based on your needs
  • Access Seven Days A Week – 24-hour access can be arranged
  • Tenant Content Coverage Options
  • Box And Packing Supply E-store
  • 30+ Locations Across Canada
  • No Deposit Required

The security measures that our storage facility in Chatham has in place to keep your belongings safe and sound are state of the art. We offer our clients rental trucks to help them with bigger moves and getting larger, more cumbersome items in and out of storage, as well as a wide range of packing supplies, such as tape, boxes, paper and mattress covers, as well as locks for your unit.

For those Chatham residents looking for investment options, we also feature storage locker auctions, selling off units that have been abandoned or repossessed. You never know what valuable items might have been left behind in one of our units. Our goal is to be the go to storage facility in Chatham, with the best options, fairest prices and most secure premises. Whether you are a family, a business owner, a student, or someone just looking for a temporary space to declutter, Real Storage has you covered.

If you live in the Chatham area and have ever thought, “I wish there were reliable and safe storage units near me,” Real Storage is just what you’ve been looking for. We have been providing our high-quality storage solutions to Canadians from Ontario to Alberta for years.

Contact us today and find out why so many communities across the country choose Real Storage as their go-to storage facility.


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Chatham Reviews

“I am not impressed with the fact that I have been with this storage facility for apps 4 years and in the last year I have had mice in my unit 3 times and they have informed me that your insurance will not cover it and I have to go throught my insurance to cover the coSt of my damage property. I am not impressed that this company is not doing anything to stop people from coming and going with food in the units and just to inform this company I was at my unit today March 22 /2018 and found fresh mouse droppings and also found chicken and bones lined up against my storage door so if I don'the get some compensation of some kind I will make sure I don'the give anyone a good review on this storage unit and I also do not feel I should have to go threw my insurance with this company .”
Wendy kozlof
“I have been with Store-N-Save for 5-6 yrs now and I have received the best customer service. The manager is very understanding and even helped to relocate from a big locker to a just right locker. The whole area is kept clean and staff is very knowledgeable. I would recommend this business to anyone and everyone.”
“I have had a storage unit at Store-N-Save for almost 10 years. I have never had any issues with security whatsoever. The staff have always been very pleasant and easy to deal with. If you are looking for a storage unit, I highly recommend Store-N-Save”
Amanda Schram
“Very good service. I have never had any problems with security or the staff. My sister goes to a different storage unit company and has had her unit broken into a couple of different times, but I have never had that problem.”
Candace Alexander
“I have had a unit for a number of years. At that time not knowing the operation and so on I was pleased to find out how well everything was run. The unit was clean , fit to my needs and ready on my requested time.I have dealt with various staff over time, and all of them have been great to work with for any needs be it supplies, changes or misc items that may have come up.I have recently taken on a 2nd unit dealing with the then storage consultant Megan who is now the site manager. Keeping experienced staff means they get to know and understand the customers needs and allows the customer to know we receive good and friendly service. This makes for a very efficient business. I have had very good service over the years as I continue with the current ladies . I would not have taken a 2nd unit without this safe and reliable operation I continue to enjoy. Keep up the good work D.B.Burgess”
“Very clean and secure site. Amazing staff!”
Meg Shysta
“Very pleasant, friendly staff. Convenient and clean.”
mary mcintyre
“Friendly service and great storage space. ”
Lisa Evenson