Your New Year's Resolution is to be Organized and Self-Storage is the Answer

If you’re thinking that your new year’s resolution of keeping your house organized and decluttered is going to be difficult, then look no further than below at why renting a self-storage unit will allow you to keep your new year’s resolution with ease. 

Why Not Just Throw Everything Out?

While some of your items are ripe for the garbage bin, most are unfortunately not. Some items, like lawnmowers and gardening tools, are only needed seasonally, and, thus, are in the way during the off-season. Items, such as the arbor a family member made for your wedding or the damaged grandfather clock that has been handed down in your family for generations, are items that carry too much sentimental value to be tossed away. And other items still, such as countless files of research, are items that are, for sure, in the way now and not of any current use, but will need to be accessed at some point down the road.

It is items like these that make up much of the clutter in a household, but they are also items that cannot be thrown in the garbage – it’s clear that they are both in the way and needed to be kept.

Why Not Keep Everything at the House Then?

If you’re like most households and need to hold onto a lot of the items in your house creating the clutter, then the garbage bin, of course, won’t do – and since a lot of what is creating the clutter is made up of items you cannot throw away, then keeping the items at the house simply won’t do the trick either.

Items can only be kept at the house if there’s the proper space available to keep the items out of the way. Unless there’s a lot of unutilized space in your house, then keeping things at the house will probably only set the scene for things needed to be cleaned, organized and tidied up on a regular basis, rather than having them decluttered and organized once and for all. Keeping the items at the house only provides the possibility that the clutter will reappear.

Keeping them at the house, in other words, means that you must always be prepared to declutter on a regular basis. And, to be sure, it is precisely this knowledge of having to constantly and consistently be in a state of decluttering and organization that makes you skeptical about your new year’s resolution: how long can you keep up such a battle anyways?!

Get Them Out of the House and into Self-Storage

The best way then, to keep your new year’s resolution, is to remove the unnecessary items from your home. Get them out of the way: a self-storage unit allows you to remove those unnecessary items from equation.

If you only need to house the tools necessary for the current season, then a lot of space is suddenly saved by storing those out-of-season tools. The lawnmower and gardening tools can really go away for the season in a storage unit, leaving a good amount of space open at the house.

The arbor from your wedding or the grandfather clock can be stored safely in the self-storage unit until the day arrives that you have the right space to house the arbor or have the money to refurbish the grandfather clock.

And your self-storage locker can act as a sort of vault for your research, whenever you may need to access it.

The advantage of self-storage is the ability to get rid of those items that you cannot get rid of in the garbage by, instead, storing them away until you do require them. Indeed, when the lawnmower and gardening tools come out of the self-storage unit come April, the shovel, road salt and other winter tools are going to replace them in the self-storage unit; thus, minimizing the space used at the house to the space required for only the necessary items.

When one considers the number of items that can be moved into self-storage like this, then one starts to see how much space can be saved and how organization and decluttering are realized with ease. 

How to Declutter with a Self-Storage Unit

Your new year’s resolution is easy to achieve with a self-storage unit, and once you have acquired one, you’ll need to organize yourself one time to forever be in control of the clutter in your household. 

This first preparation and subsequent move will be the key to success, and thankfully you should only need to do it once: after clearing the house of unnecessary items to self-storage, you’ll likely never have to move them all at the same time again. Indeed, it’s unlikely you’ll need the spring time gardening tools at the same time you need the grandfather clock and your research.

So, one organization, and one move. All that is needed is preparation, and that simply means the tools necessary to make such a move: boxes, tape, packing paper, etc. Usually, self-storage facilities, like Real Storage, offer these supplies to their tenants, so you do not need to go far to get them. And these tools are of course needed for proper organization. 

Once setup with those, then all that is needed is to determine what’s garbage, what’s storage and what’s necessary to keep at the house. Make the piles, and then make the move.

The real move you’ll be making here is not simply one that sees you successful in keeping your new year’s resolution of organizing and decluttering your house. The move is also one that gets you in a clear space: a space where it’s easy to find the things you need; a space where you have a clear mind; a more relaxing space; and a space that allows for more time on your hands.

If your new year’s resolution is to organize and declutter your house, then contact Real Storage today to get started on the easy way to achieve your goal.