Why You Should Choose a Storage Unit With Gated Access

There are times in life that storage for personal and household goods are necessary. Whether, it is because there is too much clogging up the home, apartment or condo. These are items could be stored during the cold or warm weather and if moving. A storage unit is a place to safely store household and personal items where they will be protected.

What Storage Offers

The units offer a place to keep valuables whether long-term or short-term in a location that is locked, dry and gated. Choosing the right place to store items, there is 24-hour access, and they can be as large or small as needed for holding the items to be stored. It is secured, and the gate will have a code to open it to access the storage unit. Climate control is something that a person storing items may feel is necessary and it is offered in these kinds of units, along with packing supplies and other benefits like content coverage or truck rentals.

Preparing for Storage

Finding the right gated unit is only part of the battle when the decision to store items is made. Then it is preparing the items that will be stored.

  • This may include boxing breakable or small items, which will be necessary to wrap and ensure the boxes are padded so what is packed in them will not move.

  • If it is furniture being stored, it should be cleaned or vacuumed to remove any dust or dirt and if the surface is wood or any other hard material, ensure it is completely dry. Then use a furniture spray to protect the items.

  • Furniture can be covered with moving pads, blankets or sheets as a way to protect it while moving and in storage. Then secure it with bands, twine or even packing tape to hold the covering secure. Avoid using sheet plastic to cover wood or leather furniture as it can cause damage over time.

  • When storing appliances if possible remove hoses on washing machines or dishwashers and store them inside the appliance. The power cords should be wound and secured with a band and can even be taped to the unit, so they do not become damaged. Once the appliance is in storage the door on washing machines, dishwashers or refrigerators should be left open at least a few inches. This can help avoid the appliances having any odor buildup while stored.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right storage unit is important because of security as much as the location. Picking one that is in a convenient location is important if storing items for the long-term or even short-term. But security is the utmost importance for personal and household goods. The safety of anything stored is taken care of by video surveillance cameras on-site at Real Storage.

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