What Size of a Self-Storage Unit do I Need?

We at Real Storage offer a wide range of self-storage units, for small, easy-access needs to large, full-move requirements. Of course, you only need to rent the size that suits your needs, but it can be a difficult task to determine what size you actually need for the contents you need to store.

We offer a Storage Calculator on our site here, but here are a few more detailed tips that should help you determine the best self-storage unit fit for your storage items: 

Make an Inventory List

Go through your items to determine which will be stored in boxes and which will not. Estimate the number of boxes you will need for those items that can be stored in boxes. If you then create a list of the number of boxes you think you will need (and their respective sizes), along with a list of all the furniture you plan to store, you can start imagining the sort of space that might be required to store it all properly. 

Plan the Length of Time You Intend to Store Your Items for

The length of time you intend to store your items for can alter the amount of space you require for them. Items that are being stored for a shorter period of time (say, up to 6 months) can be loaded into the locker much closer together than if the items are being stored for longer periods of time: for longer periods, you may want extra space between your items for ventilation and to avoid musky smells.

Similarly, if your plan is to leave your items in storage without needing access to them until you remove them from the locker, then you will need less space as you can load your items more tightly together. On the contrary, if you require access to your items while they are in storage, then you will probably want to plan space for aisles in your unit, and will therefore require extra space. Decide which will be the case in advance.

And then again, what are you planning in the future? If you think you’ll need to add items into the unit at a later date, then you will want to plan the space for both your current and future needs. Keep all of these in mind when estimating the space you will require. 

Imagine How Everything will all Fit in the Self-Storage Unit

Remember that a storage unit is not merely wall-to-wall of space: it’s also floor-to-ceiling. Plan to flip larger items, such as sofas or even dressers, on their end to save floor space – and then still stack more items (chose less-heavy items here though!) on top to maximize the use of the space in your locker.

If you can imagine in advance how your items will be stacked together in the locker, then you can get a much clearer picture of how much space you will probably require. If you have made a list, and planned for access/ventilation space or not, then you can go through that list, and plan how everything will be stacked together in advance. 

Size Guide

If you have taken the time to figure out the above, then you can start working on the exact size you will most likely require. Real Storage offers a number of unit sizes. The following are our unit sizes with an estimate of what each can fit. (Note that all of our units are 8 feet in height.) 

The “Storage Shed” (5x5 unit, 25 sq. ft.)

This is approximately the size of a typical home closet. It’s the ideal size for storing seasonal work equipment (like lawnmowers and snow-blowers) that you may want access to on a semi-regular basis. This size can also be excellent for short-term storage, such as a student requiring minimal storage for the summer months. Items that can fit well are things like twin-size mattresses, books, office supplies, camping gear, children’s toys, and boxes. 

The “Small Bedroom” or “Executive Office” (5x10 unit, 50 sq. ft.)

Roughly the size of your average walk-in closet, this storage unit is perfect for accommodating items from a dorm room, single bedroom, or home office. It will fit a queen-sized mattress set, dresser, TV, kitchen appliances, chairs, a number of boxes, and even a bike or motorcycle. This is a good option, moreover, if you are renovating a smaller section of your house and need those items stored for the duration. 

The “1-2 Bedroom Apartment” or “Corporate Office” (10x10 unit, 100 sq. ft.)

About the size of half of a single-car garage, this unit can accommodate the items of an entire living room and two full bedrooms. Your television, its stand and entire entertainment center, along with your sofa, chairs, coffee table, dressers, nightstands, book shelves, mattress sets, rugs and boxes of clothes and other items can fit in this locker well. Or, it can fit a typical corporate workspace: easily fitting 3-4 desks, filing cabinets, book shelves, computers, printers, photocopiers and other office equipment, along with a good number of boxes of files and stationary. 

The “2-3 Bedroom Home” or “Boat, ATV or Trailer” (10x15 unit, 150 sq. ft.)

Not quite the size of a single-car garage, this unit is excellent for storing the contents of a three-bedroom home: sofas, coffee table, kitchen table and chairs, TV and entertainment center, piano, appliances, and sporting equipment. Or, if a boat, ATV or trailer is your item, this locker size is good for those (under 15 feet in length) as well. 

The “3-4 Bedroom Home” or “Vehicle, Boat or Trailer” (10x20 unit, 200 sq. ft.)

A bit larger than a single-car garage, this storage space is ideal for a 4-bedroom home: king-sized mattresses, sofas, coffee table, book shelves, china cabinets, dressers, TVs, pianos, appliances and a large number of boxes will fit well. Alternatively, small cars, boats and trailers (under 20 feet long) will also fit well here. 

The large “3-4 Bedroom Home” or “Vehicle, Boat or Trailer” (10x30 unit, 300 sq. ft.)

Almost the size of a double-car garage, this is our largest self-storage locker. It will fit the entire content of most households. Larger vehicles, boats and trailers will all happily fit in this locker as well.

If you’re still uncertain of what size you need, contact Real Storage today, and we’ll be happy to help determine the best self-storage unit to fit your needs.