What Is Record Storage?

Despite the digitalization of most documents around the world, there is no replacement for paper- based records. To this day, large companies use paper records for legal documents and audits, client files, private personal documents, vital business records, and proprietary information. Additionally, due to cyber-attacks and threats, a lot of these companies also keep a copy of their digitized work in paper documents – after all, you can never be too safe. Because protecting confidential client and business information is integral to running a successful business, most companies utilize the support of storage companies that can provide a safe and secure place for their documents.

Record storage allows for better organizational and management skills and can improves productivity, lower your company’s operating costs, and protect your company from the risks of ligation and unsatisfied/angry clients.

At Real Storage Group, we provide personal and business file storage and record management solutions with the highest quality services and security.

Why Use a Storage Company to Store Your Records?

At a glance, some of the major advantages of using a reliable storage company for record storage include:

  •      24-hour security
  •      Climate controlled environment to prevent important documents from being damaged
  •      Limited accessibility – access of documents to authorized personnel only
  •      A cost-effective management solution
  •      A space-saving solution

Misplacing or sacrificing the integrity of private and confidential information can not only lead to losing clients, but can seriously jeopardize your business with the resultant legal actions and damage to your reputation. On the other hand, non-confidential and inactive documents also pile up from year to year and need a place to be stored.

Contrary to popular belief, in-house file storage or record storage is more expensive than outside alternatives. Not only does record storage take up extra space, but it also requires, around the clock, security management system to ensure the safety and security of the confidential and proprietary documents. All of this costs a lot of money and requires a lot of space, which you can resolve by utilizing the services of a storage company.

Using the storage services of a professional and trusted company not only gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your documents are securely locked up off-site, but it also limits accessibility to your documents and prevents them from getting into the wrong hands. Plus, record storage is actually cheaper to maintain with a storage company.

 When you use Royal Storage Group for your storage solutions, our extra benefits will help you run your business smoother and stress-free. Built specifically for the preservation and protection of your files and documents, our climate controlled units come with:

  • A secure keypad access so only those who have the authority to access your files can view or take them
  • A state of the art and technologically advanced 24 hour camera and video surveillance system to provide extra security and protect your documents from theft
  • The option of engaging in flexible contracts – for short or long-term storage
  • The option of upgrading or downsizing your unit based on your storage needs
  • Access to your unit 7 days a week with the option of arranging 24 hour access
  • Private conference rooms so you don’t have to leave the facility to view your documents
  • High quality record management services to assist with seasonal inventory
  • No obligation to set up an appointment and no deposits required
  • Option of using an automated payment system

For more information about self-storage units, call Real Storage at 1-519-341-1803 or find a location near you.