Welcome to the Real Connection

Welcome to the Real Connection – our insider Blog is dedicated to keeping readers connected to the world of the Real Storage Group (under the banners of Real Storage and Store n Save) and the Canadian self-storage industry.  The articles in this Blog will be authored by the self storage professionals in our organization as well as industry experts, who bring individual experience and perspective to their topics and showcase the depth and breadth of their knowledge of self-storage.  In addition, the Blog affords readers the opportunity to perform their own due diligence regarding self storage, mini-warehousing, boat and rv storage along with moving and packing supplies.  The Blog is also a collaborative undertaking that provides a better understanding of the world of self storage and what the Real Storage Group can offer.

The Real Connection Insider Blog intends to provide practical and timely insights for those with self storage needs in addition to dispelling industry myths and providing education on the nuances relating to self storage unit sizes and their attributes, climate controlled units, self storage auctions, security and tenant protection.  It is also our sincere hope that fellow professionals in the Canadian self Storage Industry will utilize the Blog as an available and valuable resource for their own needs and the needs of their clients.

As with all business transactions, there are at least two sides to the deal, so please feel free to comment and elicit further dialogue on a particular blog topic.  We welcome the opportunity to be responsive to your thoughts.

Once again, on behalf of the Real Storage Group, we welcome you to the Real Connection Blog.  We look forward to providing you with insights that will assist you in entering into the Canadian world of self storage.

Chris Killi
Real Storage Group