Tips For Storing Important Documents In A Rental Unit

Whether for personal or professional purposes, we tend to collect more documentation and paperwork than we know what to do with. Filing cabinets and boxed documents can quickly take up all the available storage space in our home, home office, or commercial space. If you are thinking about outsourcing your documents storage to a self storage facility, below are some tips for safely, and securely storing it all in a self storage unit.


Store the most important documents at the front of the unit


If you think you might need something in the near to immediate future, keep those documents at the front of the unit. Anything you put at the back, especially if you don’t have the room to leave a clear cut path, is going to require that you remove everything from the front before you can get to it. Tax returns, vendor invoices, purchase order information, etc. should be kept where they can be easily reached whenever you might need them.


Store documents on wood pallets


It is never a good idea to store things in a self storage unit directly on the ground. Unforeseen climate events, and even just the normal buildup of moisture in a humid region can end up creating an environment in which mould and mildew thrive. Your documents, and the boxes they are stored in, will quickly deteriorate under these conditions. Elevating them slightly off the floor with wood pallets is a cheap, effective insurance policy against this.


Invest in a good quality lock


Important documentation, whether for your personal or professional life, should be well protected, not just from the weather, but from people seeking to steal it. Anytime you store anything, always consider that there are people out there who will be seeking to take it from you. Sensitive personal and business documentation should never fall into the wrong hands, so strong locks, with short, robust necks that will stand up to bolt cutters are a must.


Label everything


Anytime you put anything into a self storage unit, the best thing you can do to save yourself time and stress in the future is make it easy to locate. Label your boxes and keep a digital inventory of what you have stored so that if and when you need fast access, you can be in and out of your storage unit without any hassle.


Making use of what little space we have is an important part of life in the 21st century. Spaces are going to only continue to get smaller and more expensive, so it is always beneficial to know how to go about economizing on space. If you feel the walls closing in because of a lack of space, consider outsourcing your document storage to a storage facility so you have more space for the things you need to run your life on a day to day basis.