Tips For Renting Your Home While On Military Deployment

It is a massive honour and responsibility to be able to serve your country. It is also a big responsibility to make sure everything you own is well looked after while you are away. Some people choose to rent their home out in order to make some extra money while they are away/help with the rent and/or mortgage payment. If you are going to be away for months at a time, or even longer and are renting your house out, you are going to need somewhere to store all your stuff. Below are some tips for renting your home while on military deployment and what to do with your belongings.

Invest in a self-storage unit

If you are renting your house out while you are away and want to get a bunch of stuff out of the way for the people moving in, and because you don’t want it left around people you don’t know, a self storage unit could be the perfect option. Secure, climate-controlled (if you need it) and affordable, a self storage unit can help you make your space livable for whoever moves in, but more importantly, keep your stuff safe while you are on deployment.

Store your vehicle

If you are leaving a car behind while you are away, a self storage space is a great place to keep it because you can be sure that it will be secure and well looked after. Just get it ready for storage and keep it tucked away in a self-storage unit, ready to take out when you get back.

Organize your unit

If this is your first experience with a self storage unit, there are some basic organizational tips that eliminate the hassle of having to take your stuff out when you come home. Stack the biggest items at the front so that you aren’t stuck trying to manoeuvre heavy, cumbersome items around everything else in the unit, and make sure that you leave a path that lets you get to everything in the unit easily.

The renters

Another major reason for storing your stuff in a self storage facility while you are away on duty is that people who will becoming in and temporarily renting your place will want some space to store their own stuff while they’re living there. Anything you feel comfortable letting them use you can leave, but everything else should be out of their hair, and safe and secure somewhere you trust.

Your deployment will have you worried enough without having to add the extra stress of getting your house ready for renters and finding a location to keep your things while you are away. Consider the above benefits of a self storage unit for your belongings while you are on deployment and rest easy knowing that your things are well looked after while you serve your country.