Things to Think About When Renting a Moving Truck

 Moving is hard enough. Thinking of renting a moving truck can only add to the stress and frustration. The good news is renting a moving truck can be a very easy process if you are prepared beforehand. Below, are some of the things you should think about or look for before you decide to rent a moving truck. By doing so, your move will be hassle-free when the big day finally arrives.


Size Matters

Deciding on which size to go with can be a daunting and even confusing task. After all, it can be quite easy to either underestimate or overestimate the amount of space you will require to store your belongings.  The good news is almost all moving companies will actually help you determine what size truck you will need based on the number of rooms your items will fit into as well as the number of belongings you own. If the company you are thinking of going with refuses to help in these matters then it is time to look for a company that actually cares about their customers’ wellbeing.

Timing is Everything

When you decide to move will also matter greatly. Most Canadians decide to move during the summer, so trying to book a rental truck between Memorial Day and Labour Day can be next to impossible. Moreover, trying to rent a moving truck near the end of the month may prove to be even more difficult.  As such, we would strongly recommend that you not put off the booking of the truck until the last minute. We would also recommend, if possible, to move during a season or time when fewer Canadians are moving, so that you will be able to book a rental truck, or multiple trucks if needed, without any issues. At the very least, you should reserve a moving truck 4 to 6 weeks in advance just to be safe. 

How to Get the Best Deal

If you are interested in getting the best bang for your buck then you will need to know when you’re moving, how far you will be travelling, as well as the actual size of the truck you will be renting. Most trucking companies will charge an amount per mile, as well as a daily rate. Their rates are also likely to fluctuate based on the time of year as well as the day of the week. Weekends, in particular, are expensive, so try and book during the middle of the week to save some money if that is a priority for you; this is because trucks are less likely or be in demand during the middle of the week, so you may be able to get a lower rate on your rental.

Also, it is important to remember that if you rent out a moving truck that gas is not included as part of the cost. Given the fact the gas isn't included, you may actually have to pay additional fees if you fail to bring the truck back with the same amount of gas as when you first took off in it. As such, to prevent penalties, you should always top the tank off before you return the rental truck to the trucking company.

Check With Your Insurance Provider

In some cases, your auto insurance and home insurance policies may provide you with some coverage, but you should always check with your insurance provider beforehand so that there are no unpleasant surprises to deal with later on. In some cases, you may need additional coverage, so checking with your insurance company comes highly recommended. In fact, the size of the truck may lead to some exclusions in terms of coverage. The good news is the vast majority of rental trucking companies will sell a multitude of options.

For instance, they may sell insurance with damage waivers. As such, you will be covered in the event that the truck is stolen or damaged during the move. Supplemental liability insurance may also be offered, which will protect you from bodily injury claims as well as property damage. Furthermore, cargo and personal policies will protect your belongings while they are stored inside the rental truck, while auto tow protection will protect your personal vehicle from theft or damage if it is being towed on a trailer. It is important to take a moment to determine what you need to be protected on/from before deciding on which insurance package to select.

Who Will Be Driving?

If you decide that you will be the one driving the truck then you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the size of the truck. If you have any doubts then we would suggest that you practice driving the truck around in an empty parking lot until you get the hang of it. Planning out the routes that you will be taking on the big day is also a must, as you can avoid detours or low bridge overhangs. In fact, depending on where you live or are heading to, you may not even be able to legally drive a truck, so planning out the routes can prevent a possible disaster from happening on moving day.

Final Logistics

On the day of the move bring your credit card and driver’s license to the rental office. Inspect the truck thoroughly and take any pictures in the event that there is any pre-existing damage to the rental truck. The final thing you should check before you head out is the loading ramp. Make sure that it slides out easily before you hit the road.

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