The Self-Storage Unit Suitable For Your Needs

Self-storage is becoming a popular solution for people moving, travelling, renovating, needing extra storage space or for businesses who need storage for their own reasons. The problems self-storage provides solutions for has given rise to a trend of more and more individuals getting into the self-storage game.

Here, we take a look at the sorts of needs one may have for self-storage, and then advise on which type of self-storage unit will suit those needs best. 

Moving and Renovating 

If you are moving to a new home you are renovating, or if you are simply renovating your home, then a self-storage unit will keep your furniture and general household items safe from the dust and dirt that comes with renovations. It will also keep your items safe from possible damage that may be incurred on a construction site.


A self-storage unit becomes particularly handy for anyone looking to travel for an extended period of time, while renting their home during their travels. The storage unit allows one to move all their personal items that their tenant will need space for their own belongings: clothes, bathroom and laundry supplies, canned foods and the like. You won’t want your tenants trying on your clothes or using your toothpaste, and your tenant will not want these in their way at the home. Self-storage provides the perfect way to remove them without losing them.

Extra Space 

Some individuals simply need more space for their personal items than their home provides. Backyard sheds and garages full to the brim are one way these people have ‘solved’ their problem in the past, but these solutions are not always the safest place to store items. Sheds and garages, moreover, are also needed for other reasons than to store old items of furniture or keepsake items that do not have a home in the house, but do not want to be discarded.

If you are storing your lawnmower behind your shed because the shed is full of other items, then you should probably start considering a self-storage unit for these items instead. Many people own items that have sentimental or monetary value that they cannot discard, but that also do not work in their home, for either functional or aesthetic reasons. Self-storage is the best answer for these sorts of items as well.


Many businesses are finding self-storage units to be an economical way to create extra storage space at a lower cost than needing to find a larger office or workspace. Old files that must be kept for X number of years, but are of no use otherwise, are the perfect candidates for residing in a self-storage unit. As is any sort of historical data that only needs to be accessed at particular times of the year. 

Heavy, outdoor equipment is also perfect for self-storage. Often, these small businesses will not need an office or workspace to rent if they can instead rent a self-storage unit to house their equipment. Whether they are in construction or landscaping or electrical work, etc., they always work at a particular site, so only need a space that can keep their equipment safe when they are not in use.

Different Types of Self-Storage Units

There are a few options for self-storage, so before assigning them to any particular individual in need, let’s go through them here quickly, so we know what we’re dealing with.

Self-Storage Garage 

These sorts of units have their access on the facility’s driveway. A vehicle can drive up to it to unload or load directly into it, which is excellent for convenience.

Climate-Controlled Unit

These units are held inside of the self-storage facility, and are temperature-controlled. Many household items will be affected by changes in temperature, so any long-term storage for items like these, should be stored in a climate-controlled unit.

Portable Self-Storage Unit 

These are perhaps the newest member of storage options. These units can be dropped at your home to be loaded, and then can remain there or be moved off property to elsewhere. Their advantage is clearly the utter convenience of only needing to load or unload the container once, rather than once at each end (i.e., home to storage garage or climate-controlled unit).

The biggest downfall of the portable unit is the security, as leaving the unit on your property also leaves it more in the open to thieves than a unit at a self-storage facility.

Fitting with the Self-Storage Garage

The self-storage garage is the perfect unit for storing files, appliances, college furniture, mattresses and box springs, linens and seasonal items, such as winter/summer gear or gardening tools. If you are storing a vehicle, then this is also probably the correct unit for your needs.

The self-storage garage is also great for businesses looking for more space to store files, or again for construction, landscaping, electrical and other professions that require storage for tools. The ease of access is excellent for any company that needs to load tools every day, but does not require an office space for their business.

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Fitting with Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

Climate-controlled units have gained in popularity with the rise of the self-storage industry itself. They are the most expensive units on the market, but they protect your belongings to a much greater extent.

If you are storing antique furniture, artwork, fine fabrics, leather items, electronics or collectibles (e.g., stamps, coins, comics, etc.), then this is probably the sort of self-storage unit you require. There is no purpose to storing artwork or antiques for an extended period of time, only to have them come out of storage stretched, warped and damaged. We strongly advise to rent one of these units if you have any items that can possibly be affected by extreme heat or cold.

Similarly, if you are a business with a stock of items that are susceptible to heat and cold, then a climate-controlled unit is what you need to be in the market for.

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Fitting with the Portable Self-Storage Unit

The portable self-storage unit is the newest member of the team of storage options. It is by far the most convenient and economical unit; but it is also the least safe option.

Typically, these are used for shorter-termed storage solutions. If you are renovating a room or two in your house, then having the portable unit onsite to store the contents of the room for a short period of time is perfect. Similarly, this can work well for temporary storage for personal items if you are renting your home for the duration of an extended trip you are taking.

It can also be perfect for a smaller scale construction business: rent the unit to stay on the construction site, and never need to take tools to and from the site.

Knowing you need a self-storage unit is one thing, but knowing which kind of unit best suits your needs is another. With three types, your first decision needs to be which one will work for your storage contents.

For more information on finding your perfect fit, contact your Real Storage agent today.