The Easiest Way to Settle into Your New Home

Moving into a new house is a dramatic change to anyone’s life. It’s an incredibly exciting time, one that signifies starting a new chapter to one’s life, bringing a lot of changes, and hopefully all for the better.

Yet all that excitement and change also comes with an equally incredible amount of stress. Going through all of your belongings, packing and moving them, is an overwhelming task. A new house is something that requires time to get used to. A new neighbourhood means orientating yourself within your surroundings. A new city only compounds that change.

At Real Storage, we have clients going through this almost every day. Our experience with them has led our knowledge on these times of transition, and so we thought that we would create a list of tips aimed to help you through moving houses, and how to settle into your new home in the easiest, most comfortable way possible.

Understanding the change

The first thing to recognize when you are moving homes is that your new home is not going to be the same as the old one. Hopefully there are improvements to your living conditions, of course, but the routine that you surely developed at the old house will need to be adjusted.

For this reason, you need to be cognizant of the impending change. Have an open mind; be excited for what the changes might result in. There are going to be things in the new home that are not like the old home, and you need to be ready to accept those things.

Avoid trying to compare the old to the new. Remain focused on the new home, and how to make it your home, rather than lamenting the loss of whatever you are missing from your old place. Embrace the change in advance, and you will have an easier time becoming accustomed to it when the day arrives.

Don’t wait to unpack

When you first arrive to your new house, you need to make it yours. Leaving the unpacking of boxes and furniture to sometime later will only make it more difficult to acclimatize yourself to your new place.

Start unpacking as soon as you can. When familiar items of furniture start populating the new space, it will start to feel like your home. When family photos and artwork start hanging on the walls and decorating surfaces, the space will immediately start feeling like your space.

Personalizing the space as soon as you are able to is an excellent way to begin feeling comfortable and identifying with the home. It’s your home, but only once you really start making it so.

Make new friends

While you may have left some friends behind at your old house, your new house is an opportunity to forge new friendships. Getting settled into your neighbourhood will make you feel more at home in the area.

Meet your neighbours. A simple knock on a door nearby to introduce yourself is a good way to settle in. Ask about the area – what’s around; what’s to do; where do your neighbours like to go on evenings out or on lazy Sundays? Perhaps even plan to join your neighbours for a local outing.

Getting to know those in the neighbourhood is one great way to start feeling comfortable. Creating new friends, and having plans, is an even better way to settle into your new area.

Don’t forget old friends

Of course, as you are making new friends, this does not mean old ones need to disappear. Keeping contact with old neighbours, friends, and family is a good way to, in fact, settle into the new space. Your friends are interested in how you are doing and the new experiences you are having: sharing those with them helps to make you feel a part of your new community, while remaining connected to old ones.

The more you talk about your new home, neighbourhood, and experience, the more comfortable you will feel about it. Talking about it has a way of exciting you more about the transition, motivating you towards settling in faster and easier. The excitement your friends will have about your experiences will only increase your own excitement.

Get out on the town

Moving in comes with a lot of tiring work. Getting to your new house was only half the battle, and now that you’re probably fed up with the process, you still need to spend countless hours setting up your new house.

At the end of these days – or even as a break in the middle of one – it is a great idea to get out of the house and start checking out what the neighbourhood has to offer. Go for a brunch on a patio. Have dinner at a local restaurant. Meet more locals, and start figuring out how the town clicks.

It’s nice to reward your hard work with an outing like these, and knowing that you are planning something like that may even make the day seem shorter, as you have that to look forward to when you finish for the day.

Not only does getting out on the town make you more familiar with the neighbourhood and the local residents, but also serves to motivate you throughout the day. Even before you start your day, it’s a nice trip to check out the local café for a morning cappuccino.

Creating a new routine

Focusing on the new rather than the old is the way to proceed when moving into a new home. Focus on creating a new routine for yourself in your new space and area.

All the work you are surely facing with moving homes could easily tire and stress you out. It’s therefore important to start working on a routine that has equal parts of work, socializing, and relaxation. Getting into a routine of this sort will both allow you to navigate through your day more easily and allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed in the new location.

Moving homes is an exciting time in one’s life, but it can easily be experienced as a great pain. Focusing on the what is good about the new house and neighbourhood, and the excitement of new experiences and possibilities as you carve out your own space here is how to move forward in the easiest way possible.

If you’re about to move and are looking for more advice, speak with your Real Storage agent today: we’re here to help you through any transition.