The Best Ways To Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree

The great Christmas debate for many people is whether to opt for an artificial or a real tree. There are pros and cons to both. Some people have environmental considerations in mind when they choose an artificial tree. Others, having experienced a real tree, know that there is typically a lot of clean up involved (sap, needles, etc.) when the holidays come to an end. If you are one of those people who have decided to make Christmas a little bit easier on yourself, so you have gone with an artificial tree, we have compiled a list of the best ways to store your artificial tree for you.

Replace Broken or Burnt out Bulbs Before Storing

Many, if not most artificial trees, come with bulbs built into the branches. After you have undecorated your tree, keep it plugged in so you can see whether or not there are any bulbs that have burnt out while you've had it plugged in. By replacing the bulbs before putting your tree away, you won't have to do it the following holiday season when you bring the tree out again.

Un-fluff the Tree

The goal here is to compress the branches of the tree in a way that allows you to fit the tree easily into a bag or box without damaging the structure of your artificial tree. You should start at the top and fold the smallest branches in and upwards so that they lay as flush with the tree as they possibly can without damaging them. Work your way down layer by layer until each layer of branches has been compressed and unfluffed. Only then is it safe to put the tree back in its box or bag.

Disassemble the Tree

Starting at the top of the tree, remove each section one at a time. As you remove each section, make sure the branches are pressed against the tree trunk. Once you have removed the last section from the tree stand, make sure all the parts are secured together, so that everything is in order for the next use. Always make sure as you fold not to catch any bulbs or wires in the hinges.

Box It All up

If you are used to keeping your tree in the box it came in and that has been working for you, by all means continue to do so. But if you are looking for the best way to store an artificial Christmas tree, consider investing in a Christmas tree bag. These can be picked up from home and garden stores (especially around the holidays) and big box stores. Once it is ready to be stored, consider a self storage unit for keeping not only your artificial Christmas tree, but all of your seasonal decorations, so that space is freed up around your home for things that you really need.

Artificial Christmas trees, for many people, give them the same experience as the real thing, and at the end of the day, that's really all that matters. Keep the above artificial tree storage tips in mind this holiday season and make putting away your tree simple and easy.