The Best Products to Secure Your Self-Storage Facility

Whether you are an owner of a facility or a patron, you want the best security available for your clients, and yourself and conventional systems may not be as secure as you think or would like. So what can you rely on to keep your valuables and others safer in self-storage?

Products for Owners

There are many gate systems but only one allows you to keep track of the amount of time your clients are spending inside your facility; more than one owner has found clients storing more than he bargained for by actually sleeping on the premises! For this purpose alone, keypads are the best and most secure entrance and exit systems.

To ensure the best quality, look for UL-listed weatherproof keypads with sturdy metal cases that are grounded and sealed upon installation. These should be installed at all exits and entrances. Keypads offer the option to add things such as credit card processing capabilities to allow clients to pay when no one is on-site and things like fingerprint scanners that add an extra safety measure.

Today cameras are everywhere, and their use is growing rapidly. On-site cameras in your self-storage facility offer more safety to you and your customers. They feel safer using your facility, and you get the added protection of video evidence should you ever need it. The best systems are cloud-based, allowing you to view footage live or review previous footage from any internet-enabled computer or your smartphone. Surveillance systems can also save you money on insurance.

Individual door alarms and electronic locks both secure and monitor each unit, giving your customers an added sense of confidence in the safety of your facility as well as the safety of their particular unit. Alarmed units also command a higher rental rate, helping to boost your revenue.

Other Products

Another product you don’t want to scrimp on for the sake of both yourself and your customers is proper lighting for not only discouraging crime but also for improving the quality of your video surveillance. You automatically reduce the quality and effectiveness of your expensive video equipment if you cut corners on lighting.

High-quality fencing is another must-have and should surround the entire premises; be sure to choose heavy-duty fencing that would be difficult to climb and, as for the question of gates, there are several common types to choose from, all equally matched.

One of the newer security measures is the use of elevator keypads for facilities with more than one level which only allows clients access to their particular floor, making customer theft from other’s units less of a risk.

No matter the size of your facility, security is very important, so take the time and make the investment to ensure yours is as safe as it can be. It’s good business.

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