The 4 Things You Need To Do Before Listing Your House For Sale

With the process of listing your home for sale taking much of your brain power and time, it’s critical that you plan out an effective strategy to ensure a seamless transaction. Our trusted experts have many years’ experience helping homeowners in their transition from one home to another, and in this latest post we’ll take a look at the steps you need to take when listing your home for sale.

1. Declutter

The clutter within your home will be a leading impediment to an effective sale. Try to remove any and all personal items that might prevent the new buyer from picturing the property as their own. Consider removing pictures and keepsakes. Make sure these elements are placed into boxes well ahead of your first open house event.

2. Choose a storage expert

When transitioning from one property to another, access to high quality, secure storage facilities will be essential. Work with a local storage expert to ensure that your personal belongings are secured ahead of your move. One important element is furniture. All bulky furniture should be removed before you list the home for sale to ensure that potential buyers have easy access to all areas of the property.

3. Invite your agent over

Once you’ve removed as many of your personal belongings as possible, and you’ve created space for your open house event by placing large items in storage, invite your agent over to review the space. Your real estate agent can give you guidance on which items to remove, and highlight which pieces must be placed into storage to ensure a quick sales process.

4. Clean the property

Now that you have completely depersonalized the home in preparation for the open house event and listings process, you can clean the property carefully. Review any areas that have gone without professional cleaning for many years. And before listing the home, you may wish to speak with a home inspector to ensure all maintenance work is completed. This will help prevent any slowdowns within the sales process related to required repairs.

By following the steps highlighted in this post, you can secure your ideal sale at a suitable price. Our trusted team is here to guide you in transitioning to your new home. To learn more on the steps to take when listing your home for sale in 2017, call our team today.