Temporary Storage Units Provide Flexibility For Families

Families need flexible storage solutions. University students, growing households and home businesses all possess an influx of stuff that can wreak havoc in an organized living space. Here are some ways a storage service can help:

University Students

What was once an empty nest can become an overcrowded mess when your college student returns home with their dorm essentials. Add the must-have things they will want to purchase for summer and by fall, you will need a realistic storage solution.

Temporary storage is ideal for students who come and go. It allows for safe, year-round access to items without having to crowd a small school dorm room or a parents’ garage.

Changing Needs

Life is full of changes, both expected and unexpected. Circumstances may corner you into either selling the things you love, or making space for someone else - i.e., a new baby or an in-law in need of care. A temporary storage space can let you both keep your treasures, while growing your household - all without costly home additions or drastic alterations.

If you want to repurpose a part of the house to suit new needs but lack the space, a storage service can help keep your items secure and accessible while you create a new exercise room or man cave.

Members of the military or anyone who moves often can keep their favorite art and furniture for a future home in a storage unit when there isn’t enough space for them in their current dwelling.

Home Businesses

Storing inventory can present a hurdle for certain home businesses, where maintaining a large inventory is critical. A temporary storage space can serve as a valuable staging area for goods waiting to be sold and some items can be more easily moved through the large commercial door of a storage unit, rather than through smaller residential doors. Using a temporary storage unit can also facilitate easier product deliveries and protect your privacy at home. Always check with your storage provider for any business restrictions.


A quality storage service not only provides an accessible space, but also provides safekeeping. If you can’t have things under your own roof, there is no better place to store them than with professionals who can assist you in safely packing them, while keeping a watchful eye on them in a secure, well-lit environment protected from fire and theft.

Save Money

A storage space is an investment that can help manage your things seasonally. Instead of purchasing items for seasonal use then letting them go for pennies, store them between seasons. Enjoy the freedom to buy stuff on sale or accept valuable hand-me-downs, knowing you have secure storage.

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