Summer Storage for Students and How to do it Right

April is that time of year when the flowers begin to bloom, the sun comes out and life seems to pick up its pace. Yet, for some of us, that is hardly the significance of April. April, more importantly for them, is the end of the post-secondary school year, and this means that all sorts of college and university students will be needing to store their school belongings for the summer months. A self-storage solution can often be your best bet to avoid travelling back and forth across long distances with all that stuff – and from keeping your parents’ house from becoming a cluttered mess.

At Real Storage, we make sure to keep those belongings safe for the summer months, and we work with students to ensure they have the best rates and resources for their self-storage needs.

Here, we provide tips for students, helping them to keep organized during their summer transition.

Knowing what you need and what you don’t

The first thing you should do, when organizing your items for the summer move, is to separate your items into piles. Create a “garbage” pile, “donation” pile, “school” pile and “summer” pile.

A student can use every April to purge themselves of unnecessary belongings. Old clothes, used books, extra kitchen utensils – all of these items should go into your “donation” pile, ready to be used again by someone in need.

Other items, like old condiments from the fridge, study notes for exams already passed and horribly destroyed items (from Frosh week celebrations or other such parties), can all be put out into the recycling or garbage. And we certainly encourage you to recycle as much as you can (in fact, you may be able to pass those exam notes onto next year’s students!).

Your winter clothes, items of furniture from your dorm room, books that can forever be referenced while at school and the like can all be stored for the summer, and will make up the majority of the items you’ll need storage space for.

Finally, the items you’ll need to enjoy the summer months, like your swimsuit and sunglasses, those all need to be packed in suitcases, ready to take home with you.

This first step of separating your items into various piles will allow you to carry on the project of organization to the next step.

How much space do you need?

Now that you have separated your items into distinct piles, you can see how much storage space you may need.

If there isn’t much, then hopefully mom and dad have enough space at the house to keep it. If there’s too much though, then you can start figuring out how much self-storage space you do need.

At Real Storage, we have a number of different sizes and types of units, and the typical student will probably not require a climate-controlled unit. They may need this if they must store items like musical instruments or antiques, but otherwise they are probably fine with an outdoor storage unit (take a look at our article on sizes and types of self-storage units here).

Check our storage size calculator here to determine what size of a self-storage unit your items will require.

Keeping your self-storage items organized

Now that you know which self-storage unit fits your needs best, it’s best to prepare these items properly for their duration in self-storage. We have an entire article here on how to protect items in self-storage.

What’s key for an easy return in September though, is your ability to keep your items arranged in a way that you can know what to do with them when you return to school.

Labelling boxes is a must, but packing the boxes in the right way can see you avoid novel-length labels that have too much info on them. When you pack a box, always keep items from the same space in the same box. It will be nothing but confusing and time-consuming to have a box with items from your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom in it – now you need to carry the box around the house to return the items to where you need them.

Rather than filling boxes with whatever’s convenient, fill them with items from one space – and we don’t mean simply from the same room, but from the same cupboard or even shelf.

If you do this right then your label only needs to read, “Bedroom – from bedside table,” or “Kitchen – cutlery drawer,” for you to know where the contents of the box need to be, and what is in them.

Stick to one space per box, and use more boxes that are smaller if need be, and the ease of unpacking will be at its maximum. If all your books are in one box, then you’ll know where to find your homework on day 1 of your new school year.

At Real Storage, we cater to all sorts of clients, from large industrial companies and small contractors through antique collectors and students. We do our best to make our facilities fit your self-storage needs, and we are happy to accommodate students for the summer months. In fact, we are currently running a student promotion here!

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, students are getting ready for a return home and we couldn’t be more excited to help facilitate a smooth transition. Speak with your Real Storage agent today for advice on storing the student in your family’s school year belongings.