Seven Ways To Increase The Value Of Your RV And Boat Storage Facility

Due to the $270,000 average cost for an RV with numerous sales exceeding $1 million the storage requirements of the customer fall into the luxury classification. The expectations of the consumer are much higher, and there are seven ways to increase the value of facilities to store boats and RV's.

Customer Service

The consumer must be assured their motorhome is being cared for properly. This may require a tour, weekly checks on their property or answering questions. Since the majority of owners only store their vehicle during the off-season it is critical to provide exceptional customer service to ensure repeat business. Knowledge and patience are the keys to happy customers and referrals.

Advanced Security Monitoring

Advanced security is critical when the storage contains millions of dollars worth of customer property. One of the most common questions for a consumer owning a vintage vehicle is regarding the security. The security on the premises should encompass the most effective features. This includes gated access, a partnership with local law enforcement, individual alarms for the units. Video monitoring 24 hours a day, fire sprinklers, personalized key fobs and secure fencing. This does incur an additional expense but providing top security will enable the facility to charge a premium rate to customers.

The Location

The location of the facility is incredibly important. Whenever possible the facility should be close to national parks, camping grounds, beach access, and lakes. In some metro areas, excellent facilities are also needed. The success of the operation is determined in large part by the area's demographic. If the area is near the waterfront or a national park, there are advantages. Amenities such as firewood sales or detailing will be appreciated by the customers. In areas, with harsh winters a climate or temperature controlled unit is recommended.

Online Convenience

Customers appreciate the convenience of checking balances, renting spaces or paying ahead online. This will enable consumers to see the units available and the amenities offered while providing control over the experience. Additional options include rental kiosks, electronic signatures, and a mobile-friendly log in. Find out if the customer prefers phone, email or text and ensure this is the way they are contacted.


Customers should always have access to their property. Most of these individuals own a business, have families or work long hours. Limited access will not work and incredibly flexible hours are required. This will enable customers to claim their property for a long weekend or vacation no matter what day or time.

The Amenities

The best way for a facility to stand out is with additional amenities. This includes electricity hookups, propane gas, shuttle services, dump stations, wash bays, detailing, trip inspections and water filling stations. These amenities can be free or available for an additional charge. Either way, value is provided to the customer.

The Shows

Attending events relating to the property of the customer such as a boat or RV show will enable a facility to better understand the needs of their clients. Partnering with a local vendor or setting up a booth will bring recognition to the business.

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