Self-Storage and Its Advantage for Interior Decorators

Self-storage facilities have proven to be useful in near countless ways. It is obvious that self-storage is used for decluttering one’s home, providing additional space during moves, a safe place for travellers to store belongings while they are away, and a space for boats and classic cars during the winter, but there are a number of other, not-so-obvious uses self-storage can bring, and that includes valuable uses for an interior decorator.

We at Real Storage store items for interior decorators throughout the year, and thought it would be a good idea to shine a light on how those tenants are utilizing self-storage for their interior decorating businesses. If you’re a decorator, then you know how many items of furniture you need to store on a regular basis, and how often you need to access them – a lot of furniture, with constant access. Self-storage is great at accommodating your needs, so read on to learn how you can benefit from renting a self-storage unit for your interior decorating business.

No need to decorate

While you spend most days decorating people’s homes, offices, and retail spaces, sometimes it’s nice to not have to do your job, and that is exactly the case with your self-storage unit. This is the space you get to not decorate, and, despite how much you love decorating, that’s a breath of fresh air, we are sure.

A self-storage unit is a simple space that is there for you to utilize to free up more space in your showroom. Of course, you will require access to your items in storage, so if there is any ‘decorating’ required in your unit, this merely involves creating access points and aisles in your unit so that you can get at the items you need when you need them (the easiest decorating ever!).

Clear advantages

While there is no real need to decorate your self-storage unit, this does not mean a self-storage facility wants to take your favourite activity away from you. Rather, they want to improve your ability to decorate, and the extra space a storage unit provides you is an easy way to choose the right items in the right arrangements to fill the perfect amount of space in your showroom or office. In other words, decorate to the max in the place that matters most – there’s no need to clutter that space up with extra stock.

A big advantage we’ve found for interior decorators is that the added space self-storage provides allows the decorator to take advantage of buying in bulk to save on cost. Finding the perfect sconces or shelving units is great, but when you know these items are likely great for future clients as well, you probably want to purchase extras now to save on trips to the supplier and lower the price-per-piece in the process. A self-storage unit provides the additional space required to do this, and this is an excellent long-term advantage for interior decorators.

Security and convenience

Knowing that your items are stored in a safe environment is important for your peace of mind, allowing you to focus your energy on your job, rather than worrying about the condition of your items. Most self-storage facilities today are outfitted with state-of-the-art security to ensure you do have that peace of mind. Hide them safely in your storage unit, and retrieve them when you need them.

And that access is important as well. Most facilities have long access hours, some even allowing access 24-hours a day, 7 days a week – and those that don’t, will often allow you to arrange access outside of their designated window if you speak with them in advance. Convenience is important for an interior decorator, and self-storage facilities understand this and are happy to accommodate it as much as possible.

The right storage unit

Choosing the storage unit right for your interior decorating business is important. Outdoor, drive-up units are incredibly convenient for constant access, but if you are storing sensitive items, such as artwork, antiques, or fine fabrics, then these are left at risk in one of these units. These items are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity, and outdoor units do not protect items from these factors.

An outdoor unit is excellent for convenience, and if your stock of items is not sensitive, then this is likely the best unit for your needs. On the other hand, if you are storing sensitive items, then you should rent a climate-controlled storage unit. These will protect your items from fluctuations in temperatures and humidity, keeping your stock in peak condition.

There is a third self-storage option available to you in the form of a mobile storage container. These, like outdoor units, are not climate-controlled, so are not appropriate for sensitive items. Mobile units are particularly convenient if you have space on your property to place it. You’ll free up the room necessary to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your showroom while still leaving your excess stock on your property for the most convenient access possible.

Moreover, if you’re the type of decorator that likes to bring your entire stock to every decorating project, then the entire mobile unit can be moved to the location, allowing you to test out various items in the actual space, making your selection process that much more informed – for both you and your client.

(For more information on types of self-storage units, read our article here.)

Self-storage is an option for interior decorators that is often overlooked, but it can prove to be incredibly valuable to a decorator, depending on the scope and operations of their business. It is certainly a more economical and less stressful option that moving offices to increase your space.

If you’re an interior decorator that wants to learn more about what self-storage can do for your decorating business, please speak with your Real Storage agent today for additional information and advice.