Preparing Your Barbeque for Winter Storage

We’ve now seen the first snowfall, and, while we may be able to push things for a little bit longer, it is really almost time to put your barbeque away in self-storage for the winter months. We admit, it is a sad day when the barbeque needs to be shut away for the season, but taking the proper care of it now will allow for fantastic grill days next summer and beyond.

At Real Storage, we store all sorts of personal and business items in our storage facilities, and this certainly includes a great collection of barbeques in the winter. With an eye towards next summer’s grilling adventures, we’ve compiled the following set of tips for how best to clean and store your barbeque for the winter.

Cleaning your barbeque

The first step to maintaining your barbeque for the winter months is a clean. Barbeques can be messy tools, with charred remnants of delicious meals now past caked into all sorts of nooks and crannies over and under the grill. These are invitations to pests and critters for late night snacks, and once they discover where these snacks are, they are sure to also find a cozy environment to house them for the winter. You certainly want to avoid this.

You’ll also want to avoid any mould growth, and food debris is nothing but another invitation for such a development.

First, turn on the barbeque to heat up the grill. Once hot, use your grill brush to scrub the grates, flavorizer bars, and burners clean. Scrape all of the interior surfaces with a putty knife, and then brush all of the remaining debris into the slide-out grease tray and disposable drip pan, emptying those into the compost or garbage.

Next, you need to wash the outside of the grill. Not only can food remnants and grease be stuck on the outside, inviting pests and mould, but grease can also cause corrosion and oxidation, shorting the life span of your barbeque. Simply using an old cloth and soapy water to wipe the exterior of the grill clean should do the trick.

Finally, shake out the drip pan (into the compost or garbage), and then allow it to soak in a bucket of hot, soapy water. After allowing the pan to soak for an extended period of time (say 1 to 2 hours), rinse it off and dry it thoroughly.

Preparing your barbeque for storage

When storing your barbeque, you must detach the propane tank. Never store a propane tank inside, unless it is a very well-ventilated area: even the smallest leak can fill any enclosed space and lead to a very large explosion. These should really only be stored outdoors, standing upright, and away from children’s play areas and any furnace vents.

With the propane tank disconnected, unfasten the burner and remove the gas tubes from the gas lines (consult the owner’s manual of the barbeque for how to do this to your model). Lift the burner out, and then coat the unit with cooking oil. Cooking oil will act to keep moisture away, preventing rust and mould growth. Then wrap the burner tightly in a plastic bag to prevent insects and spiders from creating nests in the gas tubes.

Finally, protect your barbeque with the appropriate cover. Most barbeques will come with a cover, but if yours didn’t, then be sure to purchase one that is both waterproof and fits snuggly. If you have just washed the barbeque, allow it time to air dry (to prevent mould growth and corrosion) before placing the cover on top of it.

Finding the right space for your barbeque

The last thing you need to do to your barbeque for winter storage is to find a secure place to keep it. Preferably, you are able to store it indoors in a climate-controlled environment. While some barbeques will be fine to store outdoors, many will last longer without the harm of temperature fluctuations.

A climate-controlled self-storage unit is typically the best idea here. Not only will the storage unit keep your barbeque safe from temperature fluctuations and secure from danger, but it will also free up more space on your property or in the garage. The extra space you’ll gain will surely find a good use in the winter when everyone and everything prefers to be indoors.

At Real Storage we have many different sizes and types of storage units, sure to meet the demands of your barbeque. Speak with your Real Storage agent today about how we can help your barbeque for the winter.