Moving into a Self-Storage Facility? Hire a Moving Company

You’re renovating your kitchen and dining room. You’re selling your house and need to clear unnecessary items into a self-storage locker to open up the space in your house. You’re going on extended travels and subletting your house while you are away. You’re a student who needs to store your personal items for the summer while you move back home.

Whatever the reason you’ve decided to rent a self-storage unit, moving the items can be the biggest difficulty in the process. To avoid the back-breaking pain involved with moving furniture, and to make the process smoother and safer, it is worth hiring a moving company. And if you have items that are particularly valuable or fragile or both, then it is more than merely advisable to do so.

But then not all moving companies are equal. Some are more general movers for average households. Others are specialists for antiques or artwork. Some are even more specific: piano movers. And then again, any individual can rent a truck and call themselves a mover, so how do you determine which moving company you should hire?

Here, we provide tips for how to choose a moving company to move your items into a self-storage unit.


The biggest mistake one can do is hire a moving company that isn’t really legitimate. Anyone can rent a truck and call themselves a mover. A licensed moving company, though, is legally bound to protect your belongings and your property. They’ll have insurance for your items while in transit to the self-storage facility. If they aren’t a licensed mover, then anything that happens – whether it be to your items or to your home/self-storage locker while they are moving your items – will be left to you to remedy.

Don’t be caught fronting a bill to fix your door frame or repair a tear in your sofa that the so-called “moving company” you hired put there. Be sure that one of the first things you confirm about any potential hire is that the moving company is properly licensed and insured.

Speak to friends and family

It is always worth checking with family and friends, asking them about any of their moving experiences. Someone you know (probably a number of people you know!) will have moved in the last few years, and will have their own experience to share with you.

A recommendation from someone you trust is the best route to go with when hiring a moving company, as they’ve already gone through the process with the company, and can attest to the quality of their services. If a family member or friend has a suggestion for you, be sure to get insight into how the company operated, and, of course, make sure they have full insurance for your items.

Speak to the internet

Before committing to any company, check their presence online. Read up on reviews. If you find any good reviews, then dig a little further into the history of the reviewer. Be sure that they have other reviews online. Be sure that their reviews aren’t all of the same sort (i.e., all super-positive, or all super-negative): if they keep saying the same thing about everyone, then how is their opinion of any value? It really isn’t.

Also, be sure that the reviews for any given company go back a reasonable amount of time (at least a year). If they’re all positive reviews, but they only go back three months, then it’s possible that the company could be a scam, or have done some very bad things that they are trying to cover up. Make sure the reviews are consistent over a reasonable amount of time.

Be clear on the cost

Most quotes you receive from moving companies will not include additional charges, which will be added after the move. Many companies charge extra to move particularly large/heavy objects (like a piano). If you own items like that, then ask in advance if moving those come with extra charges. Same thing can go for using elevators or stairs, so question them in advance of these as well.

Additional materials, like packing paper, boxes, tape, etc. will be additional charges, often not included in the quote. Again, try to gauge this in advance, getting them to include an estimate of those in their quote so you are more prepared for the final bill.

Management and support

Simply speaking on the phone with the moving company will give you an idea of how seriously they take their customer service. You want to get a company that wants to make your move into self-storage easy, and how they speak with you on the phone about their services will give you some idea of how they might take care of you on the day of the move.

Ask about support. Find out how or who to contact if there are any issues during the move. Simply asking a few questions, probing them for info, will reveal whether they are transparent and concerned with you or not. Don’t hire anyone who isn’t willing to work well for you, in other words.

Speak to your self-storage facility

Often, self-storage facilities will be associated with moving companies, and they will have good suggestions for their clients. It’s to their advantage that your move goes smoothly into their facility as much as it is to your advantage. Some facilities will even be able to secure you special rates with the companies they work with, so it’s always a good idea to speak with your self-storage provider for advice as well.

Real Storage is an established company of state-of-the-art self-storage facilities across Canada. We have been in the industry for years and have the necessary connections to make your move into self-storage a process as easy as possible. Speak with your Real Storage agent today for further advice on moving companies – or for any advice on self-storage whatsoever.