Keeping Your Storage Unit Pest Free

Self storage units are great options for people looking to free up space around their home or office, put things out of sight and out of mind before and during a move, run a business, store inventory, and just about anything else you can think of.

There are, however, some considerations to keep in mind when putting anything into self storage. At the top of most people's lists of considerations is pest prevention. Insects and rodents are everywhere. It can be nearly impossible to keep pests out of a space they don't want to be kept out of. They are master infiltrators. However, there are some things you can do when setting up your storage unit to minimize your chances of attracting pests. Below are some tips for helping keep your storage unit pest free.

Pack Properly

Your first line of defense is always proper packing. If you utilize plastic containers with lids that are tightly sealed, mice are going to be unable to chew threw them. Additionally, these types of containers are easy to stack. This is especially important if you are storing anything that mice like to use to make nests (such as fabrics with organic fibres).

Don't Store Food

Most storage facilities will advise against storing food, maybe even prohibit it outright. When you keep food (especially perishables) in your storage unit, you are just begging for hungry insects and rodents to set up shop in your unit. You are also asking for trouble with your neighbours. If your unit becomes infested, there is a good chance your neighbours' units are going to become collateral damage. Damaging your own items is bad enough, but you certainly don't want to put anyone else's stored property in jeopardy.

If Necessary, Spray for Pests Before Using

You can spray the floors and walls with bug spray to provide you with protection from the get-go, and you can place mouse traps around the unit. This is not the most ecologically friendly way to control pests, however. You can also use things like peppermint oil, which are organic and which act as natural deterrents for most animals (including common pests like mice and spiders). You can squeeze a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and wipe it around any cracks and points of entry you think critters might use to get into your unit.

You certainly want to use everything you have at your disposal to prevent pests from taking over your unit. Keep the above methods in mind and ensure that your storage unit remains free of anything that might end up eating you (and your neighbours) out of house and home.