Is a Drive-Up Storage Unit Worth It?

If you are thinking of procuring the services of a storage facility then the company will provide you with multiple different storage options. For instance, you can opt for outside storage, inside storage, and drive-up storage. By choosing a drive-up storage unit you can store and organize several valued items in a clean and safe space that you can access whenever you want. Here, we discuss the multiple ways in which a drive-up unit can be used in order to outline its merits.

Drive-Up Storage Unit Features

A conventional drive-up storage unit will not include climate control features. However, most modern drive-up storage units will include climate control features, allowing you to keep your most prized possessions safe from temperature based damage. Enjoy the highest level of protection on the market by renting a drive-up storage unit that includes state of the art climate control functionality, and most storage companies today offer indoor storage alternatives that can be reached by a vehicle. You can also ask the company if they offer any additional services or features in order to maximize the safety of your possessions, as well as ensure that they are well maintained during the entirety of their storage.

Store Antiques and Furniture

Regardless of whether or not you are an art aficionado or are a determined seller of antiques, renting a drive-up storage unit can help you achieve your goals. You can use a drive-up storage unit to store multiple art pieces, furniture, and/or antiques if you don’t have sufficient room in your home or business to store your growing collection. You can even use the unit to exhibit your prized items in front of potential patrons.

Evidently, if you are thinking of storing antiques and furniture in the drive-up storage unit then you need to ensure that it has climate control features. By doing so, your valuable antiques and furniture will be kept in pristine condition so that they can appreciate in value over time. Furthermore, by having a storage unit that you can easily drive up to in order to load and unload furniture and antiques you can make your life a lot easier as well as more convenient.

Store Equipment and Tools

If you don’t have sufficient space to store your equipment and tools in your garage then renting out a drive-up storage facility can help prevent a disorganized pile in your garage. If you are able to access your drive-up storage unit quickly, then you can actually work on your construction projects on-site.

It goes without saying that bigger construction projects, or even personal projects, may require larger tools and equipment that can quickly fill up a conventional garage. Having a secondary garage of sorts will allow you to deposit your bigger tools and equipment in a safe and secure location that can be readily accessed at your earliest convenience.

Ideally, bigger tools and equipment that you don’t use as frequently should be stored in a drive-up storage unit, as they are valuable items that should be protected, but are also items that you won't be using on a routine basis. By renting a drive-up storage unit you can deposit your less frequently used items in it and can use your primary garage as your main workspace; and only store tools and equipment that you use frequently in your garage.

Store Your Retail Merchandise

If you own a business then you may have store inventory that you don’t know what to do with. As such, you can use a drive-up storage unit to store items off-premises. You will also be able to inspect your goods on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis if you wish, and you will only need to load merchandise that your store actually requires. There are many advantages to renting out a drive-up storage unit, and store owners, in particular, will quickly realize that renting out a drive-up storage unit will allow them to run their business easier, as selling and buying will quickly become a streamlined process.

In fact, many budding entrepreneurs have used self-storage units to help them start their own businesses; this is because a drive-up storage unit is not only secure but also a safe and convenient storage facility. For instance, an entrepreneur selling items won't need to invite complete strangers to their homes in order for their prospective buyers to see and purchase their merchandise. A drive-up storage unit can be used to showcase your merchandise in a public space, and the fact that they use cutting security technology will ensure that your most prized merchandise will remain safe and secure throughout the buying and selling process.

As can be seen, there are many benefits to renting out a drive-up storage unit. They can be used to securely store furniture, antiques, tools, equipment, store merchandise, vehicles, and more in a safe, convenient, and affordable manner.

The Real Storage Group

If you are looking for a top of the line drive-up storage unit that is convenient, spacious, and affordable then we can help. Our pristine exterior storage units allow customers to load and unload their possessions directly from their vehicle. Moreover, most of our managers live on-site at many of our locations nationwide, and all of our facilities are well-lit as well as clean.

We also provide door alarms, key code access, as well as video surveillance to ensure that our customers’ belongings are well protected. To learn more about our leading-edge storage services and facilities please visit our website or call us at 1-877-215-7325. At Real Storage Group, we are committed to going above and beyond the call of duty in order to provide our clients with unrivalled customer service.