How to Utilize Self-Storage to Sell Your Home for More

If you’re about to put your home on the market, then a big aid for increasing the value of your home will be utilizing a self-storage unit. To help you get the most return on your real estate investment, we’ve compiled some advice on how to use self-storage to make the sale of your home easier, faster, and for a higher ticket price.

Decluttering the home

With potential buyers coming to view your home, you will want it as clean and sparkling as possible. Clutter is the first thing you need to get rid of in order to achieve this. Old magazines, electronics, clothes and the like are things that will put potential buyers off. They want to see a home that looks like it was well-taken care of, and having a mess indicates the opposite.

A self-storage unit can of course help solve this issue, providing extra space for these sorts of items, hiding them offsite. With rooms devoid of clutter, moreover, you’ll allow other aspects of rooms to shine. Suddenly, the hardwood floor is revealed, small detailing starts to stand out, and more natural light can spread throughout rooms.

With the excess hidden away in a self-storage unit, more of the house is seen, and you will still have access to those items, even before moving into your new home. Decluttering is of course a must when selling your home, and a self-storage unit is the easiest answer to ridding yourself of clutter.

Opening the house up

Large, open spaces are very popular to home buyers. Open concepts are more modern and minimal, which provides the buyer with two things: (1) an illusion of more square footage and higher ceilings; and (2) a minimalistic, more neutral space that any home owner will view as appealing as they can then dress the space the way that best suits them.

By ridding yourself of the excess in a self-storage unit, you can achieve a more neutral, appealing looking home that also appears larger than it actually is.

De-personalizing the space

When potential buyers come to view your home, they are indeed looking for something neutral, something that they can personalize themselves once they make the purchase. Walking into a home with numerous family pictures, sports trophies from your children’s championship games, and university degrees on the walls are items that speak to your family, not your potential buyers’. They need to go.

Buyers want a space to make their own, and all those idiosyncratic items that represent you and your family are a hindrance to selling a neutral space. Of course, there’s no point in trying to hide them in the house, as that will only create more clutter. With a self-storage unit, you have the place to move those items to during open house visits, keeping things nice and tidy, and neutral.

Improving your frame of mind

When you’ve moved all the clutter and personal items into self-storage and you walk into your clean, decluttered, depersonalized, neutral, open space, you’re going to feel much better about the sale of your home. Rather than being distracted by these sorts of issues, you’ll be in a much clearer frame of mind to deal with visitors to your home.

This point is not to be underappreciated. A big part of you being able to sell your home is you. While a real estate agent will help, they will not always be available, nor will they be as familiar with the space as you. You’ll have an important role to play in identifying with any buyers, expressing your own enthusiasm for their search, and, in turn, coming across as someone they can trust and will want to purchase from.

Having all the distractions tucked away in a self-storage unit is going to be a powerful way to keep your stress levels down and attitude and energy in the right place for dealing with home buyers.

Beyond the sale

Renting a self-storage unit for the sale of your home also has the added benefit of setting you up for your own move. Accomplishing the above will get a large portion of your move done in advance, since a lot of packing will already be done. (Read our article here on how to best pack boxes going into storage.)

This of course does not increase the sale price of your home, but it may in fact decrease the cost of your move. Now that many things have been moved to a self-storage unit, any moving company you hire will have less to take out of your house. With you already having packed and moved many smaller items, you can do the same with those items without the need for a moving company. This should drop the cost of the moving company substantially. It will also make the move faster and easier.

Selling your home will be one of the most significant changes in your life, and a stressful event. A self-storage unit can dramatically reduce the stress while increasing the sale amount of your home. It’s a simple solution, but one not to be ignored.

If you’re about to sell your home, take a look at our self-storage unit size guide to determine what size of a self-storage unit you may require for your items. Not only is the self-storage unit going to make for an easier sale of your home and reduce your stress, it will also help with your own move after the sale.

If you need any further advice, or have any questions about self-storage, speak with your Real Storage agent today.