How to Store Your Winter Toys Effectively

One of the leading challenges many Canadians face as we enter into the spring season is protecting our winter equipment from the fluctuations in temperature to come. It’s critical that products such as snowmobiles are stored effectively during the wintertime, but many owners don’t have a clear understanding of the steps behind this storage process. To help act as a guide, we’re highlighting four tips for storing your winter toys effectively during the warmer months.

Secure winter tires

One important consideration for storage during the warmer months is how to safely store winter tires. Winter Tires must be stored effectively to reduce degradation. A great way to keep your tires in top condition and minimize oil evaporation on the rubber is to put each tire in an opaque plastic bag in a storage unit for the warmer months. This can protect the product against drying and cracking, both of which can limit the it’s lifetime value.

Clean your snowmobile before storing

The dirt and grime collected during the winter months can have a significant impact on the structure of your snowmobile. If you don’t properly clean your snowmobile, this dirt and grime can have a corrosive effect during summer storage. And so it’s important to complete a comprehensive cleaning process before you place the product in storage. Remember also to add extra lubricant to the engine before storage to help reduce the impact of corrosion on engine components.

Store snowmobiles and sleds in a dry space

Snowmobiles and sleds must be kept away from moisture during the warmer weather months. One of the challenges that many owners encounter is the moisture that seeps into their engines, which leads to significant repairs when they go to take out their vehicle the following season. Try to store the vehicle off the ground and away from leaking pipes or any other sources of moisture within the environment.

Carefully consider self storage rentals

A self storage rental service could provide you with a great way to protect winter items during the warmer months. These offer a secure facility and professionals who have experience protecting winter equipment against the elements. Discuss all options with your chosen company carefully and make sure you see the storage space before signing any agreements.

To learn more on safely storing your high-value winter belongings this year, call our trusted storage experts directly. We’re available to guide you and answer your questions around the clock.