How To Store Your Electronics While On Summer Vacation

The end of the school year is finally here and you are home for the summer to make some money and spend time with friends and family you haven't seen for eight months, before packing up and heading back to school in September to do it all again. You may have kept an apartment or a dorm room in the city where you go to school, as well as some of your stuff there, including important electronics. Below are some things to know about safely storing your electronics this summer while on vacation.

Detach everything

If you are storing something like a desktop computer or a sound system, you are going to want to detach every cable and wire that can be attached. Bundle everything together from each electronic device and label them accordingly so that you are able to find and reassemble everything when you return to school in the fall.

Climate-controlled units

If you go to school in a part of the country or world where the summers are especially hot and humid, you might want to consider the benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate-controlled units keep the temperature stable, so you don’t have to worry about coming back to school in the fall only to find a storage unit full of broken or damaged electronic devices.

Keep your electronics near the back of your unit

If you are storing your electronic items at a self storage facility, you should make sure you keep your electronics near the back of the unit. While most storage facilities take the security of your belongings very seriously, break ins are not always 100 percent preventable, and the first thing that a thief is going to go for are easy and valuable items at the front of the unit. These require the least effort to steal and let the thief get in and out without getting caught.

Remove anything inside

Before you pack up and take off for the summer, you should do a quick removal of anything that might be inside your valuable electronic devices. This includes inkjet cartridges inside of printers, CDs from inside your computer or stereo, usb drives, etc. Place them in a box labelled ‘accessories’ so that you can quickly reinstall/reinsert everything when you get back to school in the fall.

You’ve already dealt with the stress of the end of the semester and final exams and projects. Minimize any summer stress by taking care of your electronics while you are away abroad, working, or at home for the summer and ensure that you come back to school in September with all of your important electronics in full working order.