How To Store These Common Dorm Room Items

Once you begin college or university, you will quickly realize the importance of planning for the end of the school year. This is especially true if you have gone to school in another part of the country, or another country entirely. You don't want to get rid of the things you have, but you certainly can't take them with you. Below are some tips for helping you store some common dorm room items:


You might have purchased books throughout the semester that you will need to use again. Or, you may have purchased books that you loved and would like to keep for future use. Either way, your books should be stored in smaller, sturdy boxes. If you store a book vertically, you might find that over time the spine becomes damaged and the book starts to fall apart. To ensure your books stay in peak condition over time, store horizontally.


Your best bet is to store clothing in clear plastic boxes, or new cardboard boxes. You will often need to store clothing at the end of the spring semester because you will not have much use for your winter clothing throughout the summer months, and probably won't want to take it home with you. Wash all your clothing and make sure it is thoroughly dried before putting it away for the summer.

Clean your appliances

Make sure to clean our your appliances before storage. This is one of the biggest appliance storage mistakes you can make. This is especially true of items such as smaller refrigerators and microwaves that sometimes get placed into storage still full of food and liquid residue that ends up attracting pests like cockroaches, mice, and rats.


In addition to making sure that your electronics are in a climate controlled storage unit, you want to make sure that they are all unplugged, and that anything that can be removed internally (CD-ROMs, for example) is removed. Store the cords that belong to each electronic item with the electronic itself. Alternatively, you can label these cords with scotch tape so that you can quickly determine which cord goes with which piece of electronics when it's time to take everything out.

It can be a hassle trying to get everything stored once your semester ends, but if you keep the above storage tips in mind, you will be able to get this crossed off your list fast. Consider the above storage tips part of your end of semester routine and get back to your friends and family as quickly as possible.