How To Start A Home Staging Business

Home staging is one of those professions that will always be around because people are always going to be buying and selling homes. When people sell their home, they want it to look its best, which means setting it up to look like a “showroom”. This is where home stagers come in, placing the furniture, and adding the finishing touches that will entice buyers and make their clients’ as happy possible. If you are thinking about starting your own home staging business, below are some tips for using a self storage unit to help you store your inventory.


Look for something with climate control


A self-storage unit is a great way to avoid the costs of traditional commercial space. The contracts are typically more flexible and less costly. One of the considerations that you have to make, however, when placing things like furniture and window treatments in self storage is climate control. Delicate fabrics can quickly become victim to mould and mildew if not properly stored. Storage blankets are a good start, but what you are really going to need for your home staging business is a self-storage unit with climate control.


Drive up storage


Many storage facilities offer drive up storage. This allows you to simply back your vehicle all the way up to the entrance of your unit and load and unload whatever you need. This is another advantage over traditional commercial storage space that is not on the first floor. Instead of having to try and guide heavy pieces up and down stairs, or through tight doors, a self-storage unit will let you get things in and out with ease.


Make sure your unit is organized properly


If you are professional home stager, chances are you have a lot of heavy items that you are going to need quick access to. This can become a problem if your storage unit is not well organized. Make sure that your unit is organized such that the heaviest items are at the front. Many people make the mistake of unloading the heaviest items first when arranging their self storage unit, placing them at the back. Then, when they go to take them out, they either have to take a bunch of items out that they don’t need, or end doing damage to other pieces in the unit.


Staging and helping people sell their homes can be very rewarding. It is a business that takes a keen eye, and above all, a place that you are able to store the items you use to help people sell. If you are thinking about starting your own home staging business and are weighing your options, keep the above benefits of self storage in mind.