How To Run Your Etsy Store Out Of A Rental Unit

Etsy is a worldwide phenomenon that allows people all over the world to start and run their own online stores in one of the world’s largest and most widely used online marketplaces -- everything from arts and crafts, to furniture, books, decorations, homemade and artisanal food and preserves. If you have a knack for something and think people might be interested in paying money for it, an Etsy store might be for you. Many people are turning to self storage units to run their Etsy store, as it is not always possible to do something like that out of your home. Below are some tips for running your Etsy store out of a rental unit.

Protect your inventory and materials

Certain items are easier to store than others, and certain items can’t even be stored (anything flammable, explosive or that could potentially attract an infestation of rodents or insects). You should make sure you know what you can and are allowed to store before trying to open up shop out of a self storage unit. You should also consider if what you are storing is going to be particularly vulnerable to extreme weather, and if your inventory or raw materials require a climate controlled environment.

Be organized

Storage units are a great way to add some extra space and bring an element of organization back into your business and your life. If your business requires a wide range of different materials, keep them separated, categorized and organized in bins with dividers, Rubbermaid containers and use lots of labels for easy access. Time is money when you are running a business out of a self storage unit.

Buy in bulk

Once you have invested in a self storage unit, you now have the space where you can buy things in bulk and capitalize on savings that you couldn’t when space was at a premium in your home. Fabrics and wood are always cheaper to buy in bulk, and knowing that you have materials in stock for when big orders come through will give you peace of mind to take on more work and increase your marketing.

Invite your customers in

Depending on what kind of business you are running and where your customers are located, your self-storage unit could also function as a sort of showroom. If you are a craftsperson or an artisan, being able to show people what they are buying beforehand will make them more comfortable doing business with you, especially if you are just starting out and are building your reputation.

A business on Etsy is a great way to turn your passion and your skills into a source of income and, who knows, what starts out as a hobby might end up becoming a fulltime job one day. If you find your business growing, and you are in need of more space, think about investing in a self storage unit and give yourself the tools, and the space you need to flourish.