How To Prepare Your Classic Car For Winter Storage

If you are lucky enough to have been driving around all spring and summer in your classic car, it is probably getting quite close to the time where you will be finally putting it away for the winter. Putting a classic car away for months at a time requires some special preparations if you want to ensure that it remains in the same condition when you take it out of storage the following year. Below are some recommended preparations for putting your classic car into winter storage.

Clean It First

One of the biggest mistakes that classic car owners make when putting their cars into storage over the winter is not cleaning them beforehand. It is important to thoroughly clean both the exterior and interior (the paint and the upholstery) so that any dirt or grime that doesn't have a chance to ingrain itself deep into the upholstery or the paint job during the months when the car is inactive.

Fuel Stabilizer

It is a good idea to make sure that the car goes into storage with some fuel stabilizer in the tank, as well as a full tank of gas. The fuel stabilizer will ensure that the fuel is not corrupted while the car is in storage over the winter, and putting the car away with a full tank of gas means that condensation will not form, so the tank will remain free from water.

Remove the Battery

You always want to take the battery out of a classic car before putting it into storage. This is because a battery left in a car over a long period of time is going to lost most, if not all, of its charge, and you might find yourself with a car that is undrivable when it comes time to take it out the following year.


While putting a clean car into self storage is always better than putting a dirty car away, the best thing you can do is to put a clean car into storage that is protected by an additional layer. You can pick up car covers at most automotive stores, and they give you extra protection and peace of mind while you are not using the vehicle.

The point of a classic car is having something that looks, sounds, and feels like a piece of history on the road. You are most likely not going to be driving the car all year long, so having it well protected while it is both on and off the road is key. Keep the above storage tips for classic cars in mind, and make sure your car drives and looks great all year, every year.