How To De-winterize Your Vehicle

The winter is finally over and it is time to start getting everything ready for spring inside and outside the house, storing winter clothing, putting things away in self storage, and, first and foremost, getting the car ready for the spring weather. Just as you winterize your car before the cold weather hits, you have to de-winterize it once the warm weather sets back in. Below are some tips for helping you de-winterize your car.

Wash it

The last thing that most people want to do during the dead of winter is stand out on their driveway in the middle of a blizzard and wash their car. That means that your car is likely going to be showing all of the winter dirt and grime that it has accumulated of the last four months, and longer daylight just means more time for more people to see it. Make sure your car starts the spring nice and clean.

Car wash and/or garden sprinkler

Much of the dirt and grime that is going to be clinging to your car after the winter is not going to be visible to you because it is going to be on the underside. In order to get at it, you might want to consider either a) taking it to a car wash for a more thorough, 360 degree wash, or driving it over a garden sprinkler to help get at the bottom.

Replace the wiper blades

This makes even more sense if you’ve just come out of an especially bad, snowy, icy winter. A winter of wiping back and forth across a hard, uneven surface can do a lot of damage to your wiper blades and make them ineffective come spring time.

Get your tires and axles realigned

The road is usually in the worst shape during the winter. Pot-hole filled roads for four months can completely misalign your vehicle’s steering, which can get dangerous once the spring showers set in. Take it to a trusted mechanic to ensure that your car is safe to drive this spring. 

Clear out the trunk

You likely have a myriad of winter-specific items in your trunk (ice scraper, extra warm clothing, maybe even an emergency kit in case of a breakdown in the middle of nowhere). Make room for all of your spring stuff and declutter your car before the spring driving season is in full swing.

You spent the time getting your car ready for the harsh winter, now it is time to get it ready for warmer driving. Keep the above tips in mind when de-winterizing your vehicle and get out onto those spring roads in your spring-ready car.