How to Choose the Right Packing Box for Storing Items

Using the right storage supplies can help increase the longevity of the your belongings and keep them safe and secure. A storage unit may be necessary if you plan to downsize or relocate, want more organization in your life, or simply don’t have enough space. However, how you store your belongings can be the difference between opening a box full of damaged and unusable items, or finding your belongings in the pristine conditions they were in when you first stored them.

Why Do You Need The Right Packing Box For Your Items

Depending on the material and size, different types of items require different levels of care. For instance, fragile and valuable items such as glassware, dishes, artwork, and electronics require special care and need superior quality storage supplies to keep them from breaking, damaging, or rusting. Similarly, less fragile items like clothes and certain furniture items may also require specialized storage supplies to prevent damage from heat, humidity, bugs, and rodents.

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How to Choose the Right Box

To understand how to choose the right box for your items, you’ll need to know about all the options available to you. How long you plan to store the items, their size, and the storage location are also important factors to consider before choosing the right box.

Types of Packing Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most commonly bought storage boxes and the number one choice of many. Not only are they available in a variety of sizes, cardboard boxes are also inexpensive, lightweight, easy to stack, and label. Once their job is done, the same boxes can be easily stored for future use or recycled.

While they are versatile, cardboard boxes are also very susceptible to changing environmental factors. Mold and mildew can grow on cardboard boxes in case of water damage in the storage area, whereas heat and humidity can affect their durability. Cardboard boxes can also crack and tear more easily over time and attract bugs and rodents – which leads to damaging the items inside.

Cardboard boxes mainly work better for short-term storage, unless you have a secure and sealed space. Specifically, this means a rodent and bug free space and a climate controlled environment.

Plastic Bins or Totes

Spending a little extra can go a long way when considering long-term storage. In such circumstances, plastic bins or totes are a much more durable option than cardboard boxes. These plastic containers require minimal care, are easily sealable, convenient to stack, do not get affected by varying climate changes in their surroundings, and prevent insects and bugs from entering and damaging the items.

For those who find joy in organization and colour coding, plastic bins and totes are also available in many different colours. Clear plastic bins also allow you to view the items stored inside.

Specialty Boxes for Valuable and Fragile Items

For fragile and valuable items like dishes, artwork, and electronics, you can use specialty boxes that come with inserts. The inserts provide a snug fit and prevent the objects from moving around or hitting each other. Specialty boxes are available in both cardboard and plastic. While more expensive than regular storage boxes, investing a little extra can definitely be a money saver in the long run.

Packing Box Sizes

Throwing several items in a giant box can damage the items inside as much as a small box with items fit in too tightly. Packing boxes can help you organize items within boxes. When purchasing packing boxes and storage supplies, you need to consider the size and weight limit of each box. This prevents the box from ripping or tearing, and therefore protects the items inside from damage and access to critters.

Cardboard boxes can be found in several different sizes, including small, medium, large, extra-large, and specialty space saver wardrobe boxes. Plastic bins or totes can also be found in many different sizes and can generally hold more weight.

Location for Storing Boxes

Location of where you plan to store your boxes can help you decide the type of box to buy. You can get away without damaging your items in a cardboard box if the packages are stored in a climate controlled and sealed space. A renowned storage company like Real Storage can provide exactly that, however, if you plan to store at home, make sure to keep your cardboard boxes away from moisture. For long-term storage, consider the plastic bin alternative.  

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