Have Too Much Stuff? How to Cut Out Clutter Habits

How much stuff is too much? If you’re dealing with a home that once seemed spacious, but now seems cramped and inflexible, consider that the problem may not be too small of a space, but rather, too many things.

Spotting Clutter Habits

It’s easy to accumulate more than you need and most of the time, despite the best of intentions, efforts to trim down your excess belongings may go astray because of few faulty thought processes that plague us all.

If your newly organized spaces always tend to go from working to wrecked faster than next month’s bill come due, then consider if you have used any of the following excuses to avoid getting rid of things you don’t want in your space?

- It has sentimental value!

- It was on sale!

- Uncle Bob gave us that as a wedding gift, and he’ll be hurt if we give it away.

- I’ll never be able to replace that for the same cost!

- I want to remember what life was like when I wore that size.

- I may need that some day!

If any of these sounds familiar, take heart! Some fresh thinking will help you achieve the peaceful and functional space you deserve.

Cut the Clutter

Put stuff in boxes, stuff it in a closet, throw a tablecloth over it, or try hard to pretend it isn’t there, but it will come back to haunt you.

To keep it under control for a lifetime, embrace the idea that the things you choose to share your space with should in some way enhance your well-being and improve the flow of your existence. So, take a hard look inside those overstuffed closets and storage boxes and if you find things that aren’t doing that, consider letting them go. Here are a few ideas that may help.

- If it’s important enough to keep, it’s too important to be locked away in a box.

- Deeply appreciating a gift does not require making a lifelong commitment to it!

- Donating a gift to charity or giving it to someone who can use it is a genuine expression of gratitude for the thought behind it.

- Value doesn’t have to be measured in dollars and cents. If you are feeling like you must recoup your investment, consider selling the items you no longer need.

- If a little unnecessary retail therapy makes your day, buy something needed by a local family or charity. You’ll not only get to shop; you’ll have the satisfaction of putting a smile on someone else’s face.

Finally, if your life is in transition and you need fast, temporary storage for things you don’t want to bring into your home, the friendly experts at Real Storage will be happy to help.

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