File Storage Options for the Office

The struggle of managing files can be exhausting and easily lead to clutter. In an office environment, papers and files can quickly pile up all around you, leaving no space to work. An inefficient or non-existent filing storage system can end up with you wasting precious hours looking for items, and consequently lead to unnecessary stress and decreased productivity.

Below are some smart file storage solutions for your office so you can stay neat and organized, and more importantly, clutter and stress-free.

1. Be Organized

Before you even begin to store your files, you’ll want to make sure that all your files are organized and labeled, with access to the most utilized files stored closest to you. Shred and recycle everything you don’t need, and consider using a storage facility for files that are still important, but will not be of use in the near future. This will save you a lot of office space, and at the same time, keep your documents safe and secure.   

2. Open File Shelves

Open file shelves are easily accessible and save a lot of space. As the name suggests, these shelves have an open front. This allows you to view your stored files more conveniently, and at the same time, keeps your files organized neatly. Open file shelves are a great option for when you need to access files quickly. Open shelf units are one of the most budget-friendly options. As an added advantage, they have adjustable shelves which allow you to store files of varying sizes and also utilize the shelf space to store boxes.

3. Mobile Shelves/High Density Mobile Storage

Another space saving option for file storage, the Mobile Shelves travel back and forth on tracks and compact together when not in use. Depending on the type, you can use a handle or press a button to get the files rotating. The compact features allows you to store a large amount of files in one place and saves you a lot of office space. Even existing stationary shelves can be converted to mobile shelves by placing them on carriages. This can help you avoid paying extra costs.

4. Rotary Cabinets

Rotary cabinets are an elegant space saving solution for all your file storage needs. The double-sided revolving cabinets rotate 180 degrees to give you access to your files when you need them, and close back to a clean and elegant looking finish. Rotary cabinets are safe and secure, and have a locking mechanism to keep your confidential files safe. They come in different sizes, with letter and legal size counter space. The cabinets can be positioned next to the wall or back to back – either way, you end up with more space to store files and additional space in your room.

5. Bi and Tri-file Shelving

If you are looking for double or triple depth file storage, the Bi and Tri-file Shelving Unit is an ideal option. The Bi-file Shelving Unit consists of two rows of shelves with one in front of the other, whereas the Tri-file Shelving Unit consists of three rows of shelves. These shelves are placed on rails that move back and forth. Access to the back, stationary row(s) can be made by sliding the front row(s) and thus, eliminating the need for access aisles between units. The double and triple depth provides for maximum storage and better organization in just one space.

6. Pull-out Retractable Shelves

Pull-out Retractable Shelves are extremely versatile and can be used to store a wide range of office supplies. The Retractable Shelves slide in and out, and multiple users can access multiple shelving units at the same time. Depending on your office needs, units can be added or removed without affecting the adjacent units. The Pull-out Retractable Shelves are a popular choice for many big businesses as they are constructed with heavy duty steel and thus very durable. They also have a key lock system to provide added safety and security.

7. Portable Boxes/Totes and Archival File Boxes

So far, we have been discussing the various file storage options used primarily for storing a larger number of files within the office space, but for more efficient storage solutions, you may also need to consider moving files to a storage facility. Files that are inactive and cannot be recycled can easily be stored away in the safety and security of a trusted storage facility. To store these files and other office equipment, you can use portable boxes and totes (cardboard or plastic) that are lightweight, inexpensive, and readily available.

Alternatively, you can use archival file boxes to store files not currently in use, and safely secure them in any of the file storage units listed above.

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