8 Creative Ways to Attract More Tenants and Fill Your Vacant Units Quickly

Occupancy is something that every storage facility owner worries about every now and then. Low occupancy can lead to a business closing in record time, so capturing the most possible tenants in the least amount of time is imperative. Below, you’ll find some easy and effective strategies to help capture more tenants as well as fill your vacant units more quickly.

Take Rentals in Beforehand

Think about bringing in tenants before you celebrate your big opening in the next few months, that is, before you even open your building to the public and before construction processes have been finalized. Create a powerful marketing website in order to attract prospective tenants as well as hold reservations. Many people are currently looking for self-storage units, so launching a search engine optimized website can generate buzz and allow people to see your newly constructed facility online. As a result, they will be able to make reservations before the project officially launches.

Gift Giving Initiatives

Most people won’t say no to a brand new gift card, so perhaps giving your most loyal and well-behaved tenants an e-card or a physical gift card to a favourite retailer for every renter they successfully refer can bring in tenants more quickly. Furthermore, if your new tenant has a great experience in their new home, then they will likely tell their co-workers, friends, and family about how great it is. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer, and most will be more than happy to share the joy.

Rank High with PPC

If your website ends up on the second page of Google, then you likely won’t get any exposure, as 90% of web surfers will not explore beyond the home page of a search entry. To help get a serious edge over your competitors, try purchasing pay-per-click (PPC) ads. PPC ads, also known as Google Ads, can give you a serious leg up in a fiercely competitive industry and will give your search results an immediately noticeable boost.

Meanwhile, put in the time and effort to further optimize your website, so that the content is persuasive and engaging and that the website is user-friendly. By employing the latest in responsive web design, and by routinely optimizing content to keep it fresh and relevant, you will help boost its organic search ranking.

Think Local

Does your town have a cafe, diner, or cinema that everyone simply can't stop raving about? A fast and effective way to build credibility, as well as trust as a new enterprise, is to collaborate with a reputable existing business in the area: Think about the existing loyal consumer base that you can use to your benefit by forming a local business partnership. For instance, perhaps you can pass out coupons that promote your business partner’s business around the office. Or you can run a joint promotion so that everybody benefits. We think it's fair to say that a little quid pro quo doesn’t hurt anybody, so socialize and make the right business connections to help your business grow exponentially.

Offer a Free Rent Promotion

Sometimes you have to spend money, or in this case lose money, to make money. After all, business is a marathon and not a sprint, so having a dollar promotion or providing free rent for a month for first-time renters can help with staying power. In fact, studies have found that the average self-storage tenant will spend between six and twelve months renting a unit. As such, absorbing the loss for a month can pay great dividends in the long run by improving the average lifetime value of a client.

Promote Your Boat Parking and Recreational Vehicle Spaces

Regardless of what time of year it is, boat parking and RV parking will also be a hot commodity. At the end of the day, it's all about location, location, location, so if there are any parks, lakes, recreational spaces, or camping grounds near your facility, then take advantage of them. That is, take the time to properly promote your facility to campers, boaters, and outdoor aficionados. If there is a local boat show, then be sure to attend and try to form partnerships with RV and boat repair shop owners at the event. Also, don't forget to plug your RV and boat parking units on your website to gain more online exposure.

Get Seasonal

Canadians can be proud of the fact that we live in the only country in the world that has four truly unique seasons every year. As a facility owner, you can take advantage of this fact by capitalizing on seasonal shopping deals, events, and all-around nostalgia. For instance, if you are thinking of opening a new storage facility, then we would recommend launching in the spring; this is because spring cleaning is all the rage right after winter, so your storage units will fill up quicker in the spring. Or, take advantage of our frigid winter months by promoting your state of the art climate-controlled units that can prevent stored items from freezing in January.

Market Your Units to Local Universities

If your facility is situated near a local college or university, then take advantage of the nearby academic population. Many students will eventually move out of their dorms and will need a safe and secure storage unit to store their precious and valuable items while they head home for the summer. Some parents will also want their children to have a storage garage to park their cars near their dormitory. The key to advertising to students is to be user-friendly, affordable, and tech-savvy, so ensure that your website is up-to-date and caters to the social media frenzy that millennials can’t get enough of.

We hope that our eight creative ways to attract more tenants and fill your vacant units quickly guide will help you maximize your occupancy levels and keep your renters happy with their storage or renter unit choice.

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