5 Organizing Tips to Make Your Storage Space More Accessible

Having storage space is a relief in many circumstances, but managing it with tact is a skill that adds additional benefit. To develop this skill, you must analyze the reasons why storage is needed in the first place. It is needed because you want to be able to retrieve your possessions whenever needed. So this process should be as easy and convenient as possible. You can achieve this by organizing your storage space in ways that will help you find what you are looking for without any hassle. Consider these five tips to make your storage space more accessible and less daunting:

Make Multiple Lists

When you label each box with a list, it makes navigating to the right box much easier. With that said, you should also prioritize items that are more frequently used by packing them in boxes that are in plain sight. List the contents in general terms on the box. This makes it easier for you to retrieve the items you’ll often be needing and the soonest. You’ll also be able to avoid shifting boxes around all the time.

Use the Right Boxes

Using good quality boxes ensures that every time you pack and unpack in your storage unit, your box remains intact; it is impractical to conclude you would only be opening your boxes once. However, to makes things easier it is advisable to use smaller boxes to keep them light and to be able to shuffle around things easily without unloading entire boxes when looking for a certain item. When organizing your boxes, stack the heavier ones on the bottom. These tips for making small adjustments can save you a lot of time and energy.

Create Zones

Treating your storage unit like your basement or attic helps you to stay organized while sorting through your boxes. Use advance planning to store similar items together by creating different zones, where you can keep sports, kitchen utensils, home decor and apparel in separate corners/areas. This will help you locate things easily and will also keep your mind relaxed throughout the process. You can also create a center aisle so you can navigate to the zone without having to shift around boxes and disorganizing your unit.

Keep Your Storage Clean

Declutter your storage if you start feeling overwhelmed over time. Once you know which items to keep and which ones to discard you’re able to avoid unnecessary stress. Also, if you frequently use items, replace them or add more things, you may be collecting debris in your storage room, therefore, make sure to keep the floor clean at all times.

Create More Space to Utilize

If you’re also storing furniture that can be disassembled, make sure you disassemble them and pack them in boxes with specific dimensions. These bulky items can occupy a lot of space unnecessarily so once you wrap them up and label them, use a plastic bag to add all the screws and stick them to the wrapped or packed items they belong to.

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