5 DIY Space Saving Storage Hacks That’ll Keep Your Home Organized

Having trouble keeping things nice and organized around the home? We've all been there at some point. But you don’t have to go buy extra shelves and storage space. If you implement the tips below, your home will feel clean, tidy, and even more spacious than it was before.

Store Toys in Bin Drawers

If you have children, then you may have issues with toys being strewn across your home. This can not only be an annoying eyesore, but also lead to accidents around the home. To bypass this issue, you can make your very own bin drawers in order to store all of your children’s toys. Keep things simple with an easy-to-assemble table that will store a plethora of toys, such as books, cars, dolls, and Lego blocks.

Pants Hanger + Jewelry

An old pants hanger does not need to be discarded and can have multiple purposes. It is easy to use and can help organize and declutter many items around the house. Begin by uncluttering your jewelry box so that you can make room for the good pieces. Proceed to open the hanger and add your costume jewelry to each level. Your smaller and more delicate costume jewelry, as well as your rings, should be placed at the very top of the pants hanger. Your bangles should be reserved for the middle section, while the base should be equipped to handle your watches, big hinged bracelets, and other similar items. One of the great advantages of pants hangers is their rubber coating: That is, you will only end up removing what you want to wear for a given occasion thanks to the rubber coating, and when you're ready to take the jewelry off, it’s a cinch to put them back in their place.

Cable Straps + Closet Wall

A cable strap can be more than a mere cable strap in the right hands. The trick is to identify the potential hidden space where the cable strap can be used. Check your closet rod to see how it was mounted in your closet. You may discover several inches of space behind your hanging clothes. To make use of this extra space you will need to cover the straps with some duct tape. Then, screw through the holes that have been covered in the plastic like coating. Furthermore, the mounting should be applied onto a secure surface. For instance, you can mount your upper shelf with wooden cleats. Once you have secured your sturdy mounting board you will then need to mount the cable straps onto the board.

Place Gift Wrap on Your Walls

It's that special time of year again, and you will likely need a ton of gift wrap to wrap your presents for the holidays. However, once the holidays are over, you may want to have a solution ready to store all those extra rolls of gift wrap. This life hack works especially well if you only have a small space to work with. You can actually use your walls to stow away all of your wrapping paper in record time. You can also further simplify things by storing them according to occasions, such as birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, etc. Moreover, you only need a few items to put everything together. You’ll need seven to eight 1-inch cup hooks, a jute, and a 1 x 3 board, cut to twelve inches. For full assembly details, please click here.

Cabinets + Boxes

If you live in a small studio apartment, then you will quickly become aware of how little space you have to work with. The kitchen, in particular, can be hard to deal with, but why not try and find a little extra space for storage purposes? For instance, you can use the space right above your kitchen cabinets to store some extra items. You should store items that you don’t use on a routine basis, and by storing them in tight boxes they will remain dirt and dust free.

You can also do your part for the environment by using paper boxes to store your items. If you are concerned that they might be an eyesore in what is generally considered the focal point of any home, then why not try adding some flair with some mod podge, fabric, or contact paper? However, if you don't have any boxes handy or don’t have the time to improve their look, then you can use shoe boxes, or purchase some matching decor  boxes.

As for your fridge, you can place a few white plastic drawers right at the top of it to store some extra items. If the inside of the drawers are clear, and you want to hide whatever is inside them for when guests arrive, so you can line them to conceal the contents stored within.

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