4 Ways To Secure Your Storage

Once you've put your belongings in self storage, the next step is making sure everything is safe and secure. Simply stuffing everything in a unit at the first storage facility you come across is a recipe for dissatisfaction. If you are thinking about putting your belongings into self storage, below are four ways to secure your storage and provide you with the peace of mind that everything is well looked-after.

Evaluate the Security of the Facility

Not all self storage companies are created equal. You can tell almost immediately if a self-storage company takes their client's security seriously by observing the security measures they have in place. No cameras, no security staff monitoring the goings-on, damaged doors, and cheap looking locks on the units are all warning signs. You want a company that is going to treat your unit and your belongings as if they were their own.

Robust Locks

You might be tempted to go with a cheap padlock if you are a first time storage unit user, but many people who have been storing their belongings in a self storage facility for long periods of time know that cheap, flimsy locks can be easily cut with bolt cutters. It is worthwhile to invest a bit more in a stronger lock that will stand up to break and enter attempts.

Climate Control

Securing your storage doesn't just mean protecting yourself from potential theft, it also means protecting your belongings from the elements. If you are storing anything that may potentially become damaged because of temperature and weather (wooden furniture, leather, electronics, paper products, etc.), you might consider investing in a unit with climate control. This is all the more pressing if you live in a region of the country with extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity.

Expensive Items at the Back

The rule of thumb with storage units is to keep your most valuable items at the back of the unit. This is because any would-be thieves who manage to overcome your security measures and gain entry are going to want to get in and get out as fast as possible. This means taking whatever is on hand at the front of the unit and making their getaway. If you keep your most valuable items at the back, anyone intent on burglarizing you is going to have to spend more time fooling around in your unit removing things, increasing their chances of getting caught.

Whether you are new to self storage, or simply haven't put as much thought into the security of your current unit as you should, the above security tips will help ensure your belongings are well protected at all times.