4 Tips For Storing Your Car During Military Deployment

Military deployment is stressful enough without having to worry about what you are going to do with your stuff while you are away. You are going to need to make plans for your belongings while you are serving overseas, one of which might be your vehicle. If you are worried what you are going to do with your car while you are gone, below are four tips for storing it while on military deployment.


  1. Clean it out first

Before you put your car into storage, regardless of how long you are planning on leaving it in there for, you should always clean it inside and out before it goes in. Dirt and grime left on a car’s paint for an extended period of time can do a lot of damage, and stains left on fabric can end up becoming permanent odours if not dealt with before your car goes into storage.


  1. Change the oil, coolant and filter

This is an especially important step to follow if you are going away on military deployment for an extended period of time. Make sure to speak to a mechanic before filling your car with oil, however, as the wrong kind of oil left in for too long can end up doing damage.


  1. Fill the gas tank

Putting fresh fuel into the gas tank will help to prevent moisture buildup while it's in storage. If your vehicle is stored for more than 30 days, moisture can get into the tank. A good quality fuel stabilizer is also something you might want to think about adding to the fuel. It will keep your fuel fresh for up to a year.


  1. Overinflate the tires

While you are away on deployment you are going to want to keep the tires a little bit more inflated than you would normally have them. This is because, over time, your tires, while in storage, will lose some air. If you put the car into storage with the standard amount of air in them, they are not going to have enough air in them to drive once you take it out. If you overcompensate, when you take it out, they should have the amount of air that you want.


While you are away on deployment, understand that there are going to be some things in your life that are out of your control, and others that you are in control of. What you do with your car is one of those things that you are in control of. Keep the above storage tips in might, and rest assured that your car is being stored properly and will be ready to hit the road as soon as you get home.