4 Tips For Moving From An Apartment To A Dorm

At certain points in our lives, we all have to downsize. Sometimes that downsize move is from an apartment to a dorm. Moving your life from an apartment to a dorm is a big change that many people have to make, whether for school, or for economic reasons. If you, or someone you know is currently moving from an apartment into a dorm and needs some advice, below are four tips to help with the transition.


Plan early


It might seem like the move is a long way away, but you will find that it quickly creeps up on you. Downsizing takes time and you should budget at least three months of your time in order to plan and execute it properly. You are going to need to shop around for a self storage unit for all of those things that you can’t take with you and don’t have friends or family that can store them for you.


Keep your measurements in mind


You should start taking measurements of everything you have before committing to a dorm room. That way you can go into the new room knowing exactly what will fit and what will not. You can then go back to your apartment and decide what items you are going to keep in a self storage unit while you are living in the new place, or you decide whether you want to donate, or sell them.


Make a must have list


You need to come to terms with the fact that you are not going to be able to keep everything you have. With downsizing, letting things go is just a fact of life. Luckily, with things like self storage facilities, you can make both a “must have” list and a “temporary storage list”. The things that you love, but don’t make the “must have” list can go into a storage until while you decide their fate.


Purchase multi-function furniture


If you are planning on storing everything you have long term and getting all new furniture, make sure what you end up purchasing is multi-functional. This means beds that act as storage, TV stands that double as DVD and book cases and tables with cutlery drawers built into them. Anywhere you can save space in a dorm, do it.


Downsizing, especially if you have never done it before, can be tricky, as well as a massive change to your lifestyle. But, if you plan it right, and plan it in advance, you make sure you hold on to those things that you just can’t bare to part with, and find a temporary home for those things that you still aren’t sure about.