4 Tips For Home Staging Inventory Management

Home staging is no easy task. It is hard to know exactly what prospective buyers are going to like and what is going to entice them to buy your client’s home. One wrong piece of furniture, or set up in a room can turn people off in a heartbeat, so you want to have options to get everything just right. Options, however, means more items, which means you are going to need more space to store those items. It is not always feasible to keep everything in your own home, or office. Below are four tips for home staging inventory management that will hopefully make your life easier.

Look for a self storage unit

A self-storage unit might be the answer to all of your problems depending on how many things you are unable to store at your office, or in your home. A self storage unit (especially a climate controlled one) will let you keep all of your home staging inventory secure, and out of your hair while you plan stagings.

Opt for climate control

You want your home staging inventory to look like it’s brand new, so choosing a self storage facility that has climate controlled environments that aren’t going to damage the furniture is key. There is no way that you can put out items that look damaged.

You will probably need a drive up unit

A drive up unit is one that you can back your car right up to the entrance for easy loading and unloading. Part of the job of home staging means carrying certain heavy things to and from houses. Minimize the distance that you are carrying things by opting for a unit that you can pull right up to.

Unit organization

If you are thinking about investing in a self-storage unit, you should know that the main piece of advice that you can’t go wrong with when organizing your unit is organizing from back to front, with the heaviest items in the back.

Home staging is stressful because your job depends on doing it well, as much as your client being able to sell their home. A poorly staged home, even if it is a great home, a great deal, in a great neighbourhood with a fantastic yard is not going to sell. Keep the above home staging inventory tips in mind when deciding what to do with all of your home staging items and make sure that you are well organized, and more importantly, well-equipped to respond to your clients’ and their houses’ demands.