4 Things People Overlook During Military Deployment

With your military deployment on the horizon, you’re now ready to travel overseas. But it’s important to take all elements into consideration. There are many considerations for those about to travel across the world for their military deployment. And only by working with experts can you ensure that you make the transition effectively. Within this latest post, our team will provide insights on the four things you might overlook during your military deployment.

1. Storage needs

Your storage needs are a leading consideration. Do you have access to a safe and secure storage facility that is able to protect your belongings during your deployment? In making your decision, it’s important to choose a storage specialist that has experience in dealing with military members. They must be able to communicate with you during deployment, and be accessible on short notice if you require information on your belongings.

2. Pet care

During your military deployment, your pet will need a caretaker to ensure it is fed and walked. Make sure that this person has all the information they need to care for your pet. For example, they’ll require information on your pet’s medical needs and contact information for your vet. They will also require your contact information to ask you quick questions during your deployment.

3. Home security

Your home security needs will change during your military deployment. Consider the security company monitoring your property, and be prepared for any changes that might take place while you’re out of the country. Make sure that you have a person outside of the security team who can monitor your home and update you if there are any changes to the condition of the property.

4. Property services

One of the leading mistakes military members make when deploying overseas is forgetting to call their electrical providers, cable providers, and other home services companies to tell them they will not be home. Call all service providers at the earliest possible opportunity to avoid facing any large bills. Make sure these companies provide you with service pause options that eliminate or reduce your expenditures.

Take the time to review any needs at home before you set off for your military deployment. To learn more on elements to consider during your upcoming deployment, call our team now!