4 Requirements For Business Document Storage

As a business owner, the number of documents you accumulate can quickly add up to quite a large headache. If you try to just tuck away important documentation as it comes at you, you can quickly eat up your available office space and things will start to feel cluttered. A cluttered working environment is the arch enemy of productivity. If you are planning on outsourcing some of your document storage to a self storage facility, below are four requirements for business document storage you should know about.

Store the Most Important Documents at the Front

All too often, small business owners are so excited about getting their business documents out of the way and into a self storage unit, they don't really plan the process out logically. When loading boxes into your unit, always make sure that the documents you are most likely to need in the near future are the ones closest to the front. Otherwise, you may be stuck unloading and reloading everything, just to get at a couple pieces of paper.

Climate Control

Any time you are storing an organic material like paper, you have to keep in mind that the elements are going to be a major factor in how well they are preserved. If you live in a region of the country that experiences high humidity or extreme temperatures, you are going to want to consider investing in a self storage space that comes with climate control. You don't want to lose important tax information or vendor records to the elements.

Keep Them Elevated

It is always a good idea to invest in some pallets before putting business documents away into self storage, just in case of a flood or spill in a neighbouring unit. While climate control will allow you to control the temperature and humidity, you can't really do anything about natural disasters (like floods) except prepare for them. Pallets will make sure that your boxes are off the ground and out of the way of any incoming water.


If you are storing items that are of vital importance to your livelihood, then security should be a top priority. You don't want your records, or those of your customers, to be vulnerable. A $5 lock might seem great in the short run, but a more robust lock that is immune to bolt cutters will do a better job of deterring would-be criminals. The small amount of money you save in the short run by purchasing a cheap lock might end up costing you dearly in the long term.

Storing your business documents in a self storage unit is a great way to free up valuable space in your office, and ensure that things don't turn into a cluttered mess. Before moving your documents off-site into a self storage unit, keep the above document storage requirements in mind, and ensure that your important business and personal information is always well protected.