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4 Reasons To Use A Storage Unit Instead Of Your Own Garage

For many people, their home's garage is the go-to place for anything and everything that can't fit inside the house. Oftentimes this has the unintended effect of simply shifting the clutter from one area of their home to another. Your garage, while perhaps not a room of your home where you spend a lot of time, is a space you want to be able to move around in and access with ease. Having a well-organized, clutter-free garage is just as important as keeping every other room in your home the same way. Below are four reasons to use a storage unit instead of your own garage.

Climate Control

Many people mistakenly place things like old electronics, or even antique furniture in their garage, only to find that they slowly stop working, or start to deteriorate over time. This is because the garage might just as well be outside. Most people have no way of regulating the temperature in their garage, and it can quickly become like a freezer during the winter, and a sauna during the summer. Sensitive items have sensitive storage needs, which is why it makes more sense to store many common garage items in a climate controlled storage unit.


Your garage, like anywhere else in your home, is always going to be susceptible to burglary and theft. If you have things in your garage that you really couldn't stand to lose, such as expensive electronics, or outdoor equipment, why not invest in a self-storage unit that has round the clock surveillance, and robust security measures in place to protect its client’s property.


While your garage is right there in your home, having it cluttered up with things that really could stand to be stored somewhere offsite makes entering and exiting the area a hassle. You don't want to have to dread every trip in and out of your garage. Save the garage space for things you really need, and leave the rest of your things in a storage unit close to your home.

Seasonal Cars

If you are lucky enough to own a seasonal car that you break out at certain times of the year (whether for pleasure, practicality, or both), you know that it comes with some unique storage concerns. If keeping your seasonal vehicle in the garage means you have to leave the family car out on the street or sitting in the driveway, think about keeping it in a self storage unit. It will be kept safe, clean and well protected from the elements.

Having your garage cluttered with stuff from around your home, especially if it is valuable, or temperature-sensitive, means you are not taking full advantage of the storage options available to you. Think about relocating some of the stuff in your garage to a self-storage facility, and watch the space in your garage appear out of thin air.