4 Inventory Tips For E-Commerce Businesses

The world is, day by day, becoming almost completely online. Many people are opting to completely do away with the brick and mortar store and are doing business almost exclusively online. That does not mean, however, that there still is no need for a workspace, or even a place to house inventory. E-commerce businesses often turn to self storage facilities for both. Below are four inventory tips for ecommerce businesses.


  1. Invest in pallets

It is never a good idea to store things directly on the floor of a storage unit, but even less of a good idea when those things are what allow you to have a livelihood. If you are selling things online, it is wise to invest in some pallets that you can store your inventory right on top of. This will mitigate the possibility of it being damaged by moisture, either from outside or inside the unit.


  1. Develop an organized and sophisticated labelling system

If someone orders something from you online and they pay for express shipping, time is of the essence. Your reputation depends on being able to keep your customers happy and your customer certainly is not going to be happy if you are unable to honour the express shipping promise because it took you too long to locate the item they purchased. Label everything and make a spreadsheet of where everything is.


Store heaviest items at the front

If you sell larger items (such as furniture), make sure that they are kept at the front of the storage unit so that you don’t have to unload your entire inventory just to get to the heavy items at the back. Keeping heavy items at the front also minimizes the potential damage you might end up doing to your other items if you are trying to manoeuvre something heavy and cumbersome from the back to the front of the unit.


Get insurance

If you are storing things you plan on selling in a self storage unit, it is a good idea to invest in an insurance policy. While most good storage facilities will have a robust security system in place, and will do everything they can to ensure that your property isn’t damaged by the weather or by an accident in an adjacent unit, disaster can strike and you want to make sure you plan for that contingency.

Running your ecommerce business from a self storage unit has a lot of advantages over traditional commercial space. It’s often cheaper, and the contracts are more flexible. If you are storing your business’ inventory in a self storage space, keep the above storage tips in mind and maximize the efficiency with which you are able to run your business.