4 Benefits Of Self Storage During Military Deployment

Serving your country comes with a lot of responsibility, a lot of pride and a lot of stress. It is enough having to manage yourself and look after yourself while deployed, let alone having to worry about the life, and the belongings, you have left behind. Often people leave on deployment without really having a solid plan in place for what they are going to do with all of the things they have accumulated over the years. Below are four benefits of self storage during military deployment.

Peace of mind

The last thing you are going to want to be worrying about while you are halfway around the world serving your country is what has become of all of those important things you left behind. Cars, furniture, electronics, these are all things that you are going to want ready access to once you get back. Having to sell things and then rebuy them, possibly at a higher price, when you come home, is something a self storage unit can help you avoid.

Look after your car

If you are going to be away for six months to a year and you don’t know what to do with your vehicle, consider placing it in a self storage facility. Leaving your car sitting in the driveway, or a friend’s driveway, or covered under a tarp for long periods of time without you there to look after it means there is no way for you to react to serious weather conditions or to stop thieves. A self storage unit can provide your car with a home while you are away serving.

Protect your important documents

If you have been living on base for the last few years, you probably don’t have an apartment. If you have been living on base away from your family, you have probably also accumulated a lot of important personal documentation that you want kept safe and sound while you are away. Just leaving it sitting out in the open isn’t an option. Self storage units are a great place to keep important personal documentation while you are away on deployment.

Climate control for your electronics

If you are leaving things like computers and other sensitive electronics sitting in a room while you are away on deployment, you aren’t going to be there to regulate the temperature, and electronics need carefully controlled temperatures. A climate-controlled self storage unit will help make sure that your vital electronics don’t fall victim to heat and humidity while you are away and that they are in full working order when you come home.

Serving your country is one of the biggest sources of pride, as well as one of the heaviest responsibilities you are likely to take on in your life. Make sure that you are fully focused and able to do your best by minimizing stress at home. Keep your belongings safe and secured in a self storage unit while you are away on deployment.